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Warpaint, Maria die RUHE, Free Daggers, The Bergamot, Katy J Pearson, Kadhja Bonet and Zola Jesus

Seven Fresh Songs #117

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Free Daggers — Bobby, Don’t Blink

Effortlessly, groovy, and oh-so-catchy, “Bobby, Don’t Blink” aims straight for your music-loving heart. It’s the new mesmerizing single by Free Daggers, the indie project of songwriter and producer Nic Hanson. Written during the darkest weeks of the pandemic, “Bobby, Don’t Blink” deals with feelings of isolation while offering glimpses of hope by exploring human tenacity.

Hanson says about “Bobby, Don’t Blink:”

Finding the beauty in the emptiness, the flavor in the mundanity, the grass that grows in the cracks of the concrete — that’s what this project is about. There is a resilience required of people just to get through a day these days, and it’s so powerful. The city is a desert, the loneliness is palpable, but nonetheless there is life.

Listen to “Bobby, Don’t Blink,” our Song Pick of the Day:

Connect with Free Daggers here.

Kadhja Bonet — Dear Gina

“Dear Gina” by L.A. musician Kadhja Bonet is a swirling, sunny pop song that invites you to relax and dream. What is it about? To find out, Kadhja invites you to give a listen to her 2018 album “Childqueen,” which we hightly recommend.

“‘Dear Gina’ is a companion piece to ‘Childqueen’ album track ‘Delphine.’ If you’ve ever wondered what the letter said — this is it”

Listen to our Song Pick on the Day on your favorite streaming service or watch the video for “Dear Gina” below:

MARIA Die RUHE — Superrare

“Superrare,” the new single by avant-tech-pop producer MARIA Die RUHE is an exhilarating piece of pop music, and we are excited to exclusively premiere it today. The track is accompanied by a fascinating, colorful video reflecting the song’s beautiful vibrancy. MARIA Die RUHE envisioned and produced the video, with Arvid Wünsch behind the camera and editing desk and Knut Holburg as its director.

With its pulsating dance beat and touches of 80s electronics, “Superrare” makes you feel alive and ready for unexplored possibilities. MARIA Die RUHE lends the catchy song her whisper-smooth power vocals and, with its fierce lyrics, turns “Supperare” into a magnificent dance-floor anthem.

Like the diversity in her music, MARIA Die RUHE called several different places her home. Originally from Thuringia, Germany, she has lived in culturally varied cities like Berlin, San Francisco, and London and is currently based in Leipzig, Germany. For now.

Asked about “Superrare,” MARIA Die RUHE tells us:

Are we really what we seem to be? Taking a glimpse at our over–optimised world that screams for success and individualization — do we all need to be super rare, super fancy, and super perfect? Doesn’t this just make us distanced and perfectly damaged? I created this song on the edge of capitalism and capitulation. Beneath the surface, there is always a human being and it might be worth taking a second look at who a person really is. Maybe this reality is even more interesting than a seemingly needed perfectionism.

How do you live a life being true to your authentic self? Regular self-reflection is one way to go about it, and when this prompt comes in form of a sparkling song like “Superrare” all the better!

Enjoy “Superrare,” our song and video premiere:

Connect with MARIA Die RUHE here.

Zola Jesus — Lost

Zola Jesus is back with her fifth full-length album “Arkhon” (if you count “Stridulum” with was originally released as EPs). We have to wait until May 20 to hear the whole thing, but judging from the single “Lost,” she does not deviate much from her big dramatic sounds, even though the new track feels a little lighter than her previous work.

Listen to “Lost,” our Song Pick of the Day below on Bandcamp:

Katy J Pearson — Talk Over Town

Katy J Pearson follows her brilliant debut album “Return” with “Talk Over Town,” the first single from her sophomore record. The characteristics of her glorious signature sound can be enjoyed with “Talk Over Town:” the vibrant guitars, the sparkling electronic touches, the slightly surreal storytelling, and of course her gorgeous and unique vocals. The track starts almost innocently with just a bit of guitar strumming over a joyful beat but then the sound intensifies, turns more complex, and is just absolutely irresistible.

“Talk Over Turn” is accompanied by a stunning video and its director, Abbie Stephens, says:

This video was such a joy to shoot — to meet Katy and work with such an open artist who brought so much of herself to the video was a real treat. She is a brilliant collaborator and an artist set for big, big things. I love nothing more than creating visual worlds and designing aesthetics to fit with the sound of exciting new artists. This video became a comment on that, how for recording artists there is pressure to be the face of their music and to package it up visually. I wanted to shed light on the music video through the eyes of Katy, the joy and also the beautiful bizarreness.

Stephens continues:

We had an amazing girl crew on this job and it really made for a great vibe on set. Thank you to Beatrix Sastre and her crew who made each set-up look like a painting, to Gabby Sellen on art dept who gave everything and more, and to the wonderful Stina Campagna and Nohelia Reyes on Styling and Makeup.”

If “Talk Over Town” is anything to go by, then Katy J Pearson’s upcoming album Sound Of The Morning is an instant must-buy! The album will be available on July 8, 2022, via Heavenly Recording.

Listen to “Talk Over Town,” our Song Pick of the Day, and watch the video now:

Connect with Katy J Pearson here.

Warpaint — Stevie

The new Warpaint single Stevie” is an all-out love song. Singer/guitarist Emily Kokal had had it in her mind for many years before it took on shape. Lighter and more playful than much of the band’s other work, the track makes us even more curious about the upcoming album “Radiate Like this” (May 6).

Listen to “Stevie,” our Song Pick of the Day on your favorite streaming service, Immerse yourself in a colorful 3D World created by Chris Holmes of Fascinated by Everything or watch the 2D version below:

The Bergamot — Where the Wind Blows

After all the social distancing and lockdown measures we’ve been through over the past two years, “Where the Wind Blows” feels like a much-needed clarion call to maybe worry a little less and live life a little more.

“Where the Wind Blows” is the new single by The Bergamot, comprised of high school sweethearts Jillian Speece (vocals/cajón) and Nathaniel Paul Hoff (vocals/guitar/keyboard) who call Brooklyn, NY their home when they’re not touring — which they currently do. The gorgeous track will be on their upcoming seventh full-length album Far Out, accompanied by a 90 minutes documentary “State of the Unity”(2022).

The song’s bright and optimistic vibe is what makes it so easily appealing and utterly irresistible, like dancing on a bed of summer flowers.

Listen to “Where the Wind Blows,” our Song Pick of the Day:

Connect with The Bergamot here.




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