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Ayfel, Meg Mac, Rainlights, Automatic, Saint Kochi, Wyldest and Les Cooper

Seven Fresh Songs #119

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Meg Mac — On Your Mind

Australian soulful pop artist Meg Mac follows the success of her brilliant “Is It Worth Being Sad” with the ultra-gorgeous “On Your Mind.” The down-tempo track starts out exquisitely laid-back, with a heavy dose of soul, and then heads in a slightly more pop direction with some unexpected twists and turns, rendering “On Your Mind” to an irresistible piece of beauty.

The special appeal of “On Your Mind” is influenced by the song’s long-distance collaboration between Sydney and L.A., with producer duo Donuts (H.E.R., Kendrick Lamar). Meg says about the experience:

I sent the Donuts a simple vocal and piano demo and some references for the mood I was thinking. But it was pretty loose, they could do whatever they wanted. One day they sent a video from the studio of a tiny snippet, I played it on repeat I was so obsessed.

She continues:

They tore it apart and flipped it completely, when I heard the full song I was so confused and excited. My BV’s had become the chorus, they chopped up all these vocals, moved everything around, changed all the chords.

Listen to “On Your Mind,” our Song Pick of the Day:

Connect with Meg Mac here.

Automatic — Venus Hour

Automatic, the L.A.-based trio of Izzy Glaudini, Lola Dompé, and Halle Saxon does hard-hitting songs somewhere between rock and electronic. The bass-driven new song “Venus Hour” is “about whatever it is inside you that makes you want to do that thing that isn’t logical, or safe,” and somehow, you get the feeling that the story may not end well.

Automatic is releasing their second album “Excess” on June 24 via Stone Throw Records.

Watch the video directed by Sylvie Lake filmed on iconic California locations:

Saint Kochi — Almost Lost

British chamber-pop artist Saint Kochi announces his upcoming album, with a release date still to be revealed, with the glorious “Almost Lost.” The track is beautifully cinematic, with a sweeping string arrangement and mesmerizing beats. Asked about the irresistible symphonic track, Saint Kochi says:

I wanted to make a song that was drenched in melodic hooks and felt like it was written with different movements in mind, almost in the way classical pieces of music are structured. Lyrically I guess it’s a bit of a dreamy narrative about time spent sitting in an English garden….

Yes, we totally sign up for the ride and enjoy getting lost daydreaming to Saint Kochi’s sound. We also dig the dreamy, slightly surreal video, directed by Sam Hiscox. Listen to “Almost Lost,” our Song Pick of the Day, and check out the video too:

Connect with Saint Kochi here.

Wyldest — The Best Is Yet To Come

The London singer, songwriter, and producer Zoe Mead aka Wyldest, did it all herself for the excellent 2021 album “Monthly Friend.” To build on that, she found inspiration in collaboration with producer Luciano Rossi. Change is good! This is also the hopeful perspective of her new song, “The Best Is Yet to Come,” which is an excellent mantra at a time when change seems to be abundant. Zoe explains:

“‘The Best is Yet to Come’ is about being hopeful that all the great things we had once are also mapped out in the future too, life is long and comes in multiple different chapters, it’s all part of the journey and we should never lose sight of the the present as things are constantly changing and evolving, so we can just sit back and enjoy the ride.”

Listen to “The Best Is Yet to Come,” our Song Pick of the Day, on your favorite streaming service or watch the video below::

Les Cooper — Best Of You

“Best Of You,” the new single by Toronto-based multi-instrumentalist and arranger Les Cooper piqued my interest when I learned about the song’s inspiration. Once I listened to the gorgeous track, I was hooked and I hope you will be too. The beautiful animated video, directed by Anne Douris adds to the overall appeal.

For over two decades, Les Cooper has been regarded as one of Canada’s leading music producers, earning Juno Awards for his work with The Good Lovelies, and further Juno nominations for albums he produced for Jill Barber and Madison Violet. Asked about his background and life’s journey, he says:

I started out as a songwriter, but early on I moved into production. was a co-writer on several of the albums that I produced and I’m proud as hell of the body of work that I’ve helped to create. But I have to admit, it feels good to explore some other sides of my musical personality.

We are glad that Les Cooper gets his feet wet as a singer and songwriter too because if “Best Of You” is anything to go by, these are vocals and lyrics to be heard, not to mention the compelling songwriting chops. Les Cooper’s debut solo album Noise is scheduled to drop on May, 20th.

“Best Of You” was conceived in a parking lot ahead of a therapy session and Les Cooper explains:

I think that getting advice from people that you are close with can be a tricky thing to navigate. It’s tempting to steer toward what feels safe or comfortable. An objective point of view from someone who isn’t emotionally invested is invaluable,” Cooper explains of the song’s inspiration.

It’s not only about getting advice from people you’re close with but any sort of feedback or sorting your thoughts and feelings out is often done best by a stranger, or a therapist who overtime is no longer a stranger but not a friend either. I can totally relate, hence this song speaks to me so much.

Listen to “Best Of You,” our Song Pick of the Day, and check out the video too:

Connect with Les Cooper here.

Rainlights — When My Phone Dies

This year the smartphone as we know it turns 15 years, and there is much discussion and ridicule about how we all are addicted to it. However, Brooklyn singer, songwriter, and producer Rachel Chevat aka Rainlights takes a different angle and confronts us with a simple truth: “When My Phone Dies,” you are disconnected to others and alone with your thoughts. Rachel’s intimate debut single may sound at first like a bedroom production, but it is more than that. There is a lot to discover in the minimalist song structure, and it does not come as a surprise that Rachel holds a master’s degree in audio production.

She explains:

“When My Phone Dies is my ode to nostalgia, distance, and distractions. Although there is beauty in being present, it can also be a scary state of mind, and when screens are available it is much easier to forget about the world than it is to be alone in a room with yourself. I wanted to create a song which contrasted the beauty and pain of that feeling when your phone dies and your only company is your own mind.”

Listen to “When My Phone Dies,” our Song Pick of the Day on Spotify:

Ayfel — Blu

Greek three-piece Ayfel set out to create an updated version of modern mainstream rock, and their new single “Blu” is a brilliant example of what this sounds like.

“Blu” comes with a catchy hook and smart lyrics, that make it fun to sing along with Ryan (vocals), Eddie (synths/guitars), and Elias (drums). The band cites Muse and Linkin Park as their inspiration but also dig the pop approach of bands like Twenty One Pilots and Faith No More. These big-name influences aside, “Blu” stands very much on its own and it’ll be exciting to follow Ayfel along to hear what’s next. Asked about the track, Ayfel say:

“Blu” is a song about the contrast between reality and fantasy, and how the latter is used to cope with the former.

The accompanying playful and inspired video is directed by Dimitris Adrianos Sidirokastritis and will put a smile on your face. Guaranteed!

Listen to “Blu,” our Song Pick of the Day:

Connect with Ayfel here.




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