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Riches, Cillë, Chelsea Jade, Keeper E, Léa Sen, Haiines and Skinny Dippers

Seven Fresh Songs #121

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Skinny Dippers — Night to Day

Do judge a single by its cover and give “Night to Day” a listen already. Super gorgeous, no? “Night to Day” is the new single by Skinny Dippers who enlisted fellow musician Nola Wren to create the cover art. The result is phenomenal and captures the essence of the song beautifully.

Skinny Dippers is fronted by Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter Ryan Gross, who says about the new single:

“Night To Day” is a song about uncertainty. It describes the feeling of possibility as the sun sets and the intrigue of the night sets in. There’s something special about the night, as if the rules of the daytime no longer apply, and here Skinny Dippers lean into that feeling of twilight titillation. However every night ultimately circles back to the day with the rise of the sun, and “Night To Day” aims to capture this dichotomy between hours of the day and divergent ever changing feelings in a new relationship.

The song indeed evokes the feelings described by Ryan, because it is light, joyful, and full of possibilities yet interspersed with shades of wistfulness. Magical!

Listen to “Night to Day,” our Song Pick of the Day:

Connect with Skinny Dippers here.

Chelsea Jade — Best Behavior

“‘Best Behaviour’ is an offer to be imperfect and carefree,” says L.A. singer/songwriter Chelsea Jade and a few bars into this upbeat, chill song you get the vibe: you cannot always be perfect, so have a little fun. “Best Behavior” is the third single off Chelsea’s second album “Soft Spot,” out this Friday.

Watch the video for “Best Behavior” here:

Riches — The Frequency

“The Frequency” is Riches’s magnificent and utterly irresistible new single. Behind Riches are Catherine McCandless (Young Galaxy) and Wynn Holmes (choreographer) who created “The Frequency” together with producer/composer Dan Lissvik (studio/Atelje).

Riches is a multidisciplinary, intercontinental collaboration of music, dance, and performance. Songs are the first iteration of the project, and take a narrative approach to themes concerning the performance of creative rituals, identity, transgression, and devotion.

Following two gorgeous prior singles, “The Frequency” evokes warm, sunny, and cozy feelings thanks to the 80s-tinged synths and the super likable and enchanting vocals.

Asked about their new single, Riches explain:

The frequency is: being swept up, being in love, longing and belonging, soothing and alive. It is a calling on the ethereal to take on form, on music to bring touch and connection over the frontiers of physical walls and distances.

Listen to “The Frequency,” our Song Pick of the Day:

Connect with Riches here.

Keeper E. — I Can Do It

Keeper E. is annoyed. The Canadian singer/songwriter sings “I Can Do it” and is not willing anymore to let herself be talked down by other people, in particular men. She explains:

“This song is about claiming our own power and acknowledging that we are human, and we make mistakes, and can’t do everything right, but we still deserve to be treated equally to men and not have things over-explained and dumbed down. This song is all about empowerment and equality.”

“I Can Do It” is a lush synth-pop song from her upcoming EP “thank you and please don’t go,” out on May 6. Listen to our Song Pick of the Day here:

Léa Sen — I Feel Like I’m Blue

Singer, songwriter, and producer Léa Sen offers with “I Feel Like I’m Blue” another exquisite taste from her upcoming EP, You Of Now Pt. 1, out on May 20th via Partisan Records. The song might be the EP’s most wistful track yet its melancholy is beautifully chill and absolutely irresistible!

Speaking about her EP, London-based Léa Sen says:

You know when you have a concept or an idea in your head and never really act on it? That’s what ‘I Feel Like I’m Blue’ was to me. I felt like I was writing too much about the past or the present (which is already the past) and I got stuck in memories and vanished promises, so I needed to write something about tomorrows. It’s really just a conversation with my future self. “Do you finally get this right? Do you eventually let this go? I know you still feel that way, it’s cool. I don’t expect perfection from you.”

Talking a bit more about her upcoming EP she adds:

This song is key in my EP, it was the first song I made out of the five. The start of so much work I did on myself while making the tunes alone in my room. The first production I made that I felt proud of. I’m glad past Léa made that song so I can share it today.

The accompanying video is directed by Molly Burdett and features a chameleon named Blu, and Léa Sen explains:

In the video, Blue the chameleon is an extension of me and we’re going through the motions together. It was also a hint at the challenge of being an immigrant in London and sometimes having to (whether you’re conscious of it or not) change yourself to fit this foreign picture you’re now a part of. Shout out to Blue though, he was a legend on set, so calm and friendly.

“I Feel Like I’m Blue” marks track number five on Léa Sen’s EP. Keeping the best for last? Judge for yourself and watch the beautifully chill video, and enjoy “I Feel Like I’m Blue,” our Song Pick of the Day:

Connect with Léa Sen.

Cillë — Kill or Be Killed

Power games in relationships can be challenging, even when there is no literal killing. “Kill or Be Killed”, the new song by Cillë is “about toughening up in the name of love” and having fun with it. The energetic and upbeat glam rock track features exuberant guitars and laughs in the face of current pop music trends.

Cillë says about the song:

“It’s been a long time coming; I wrote it with my friend Alex Puddu almost 10 years ago but it got put on the backburner as I was busy in bands where this song just didn’t fit. Still, I’ve just kept coming back to it, and I am so ridiculously excited to finally put it out. It represents so well who I am as an artist, and I am so ready to embrace it!”

Cillë is the stage name of Cecilie Maria, who has been creating music for many years in New York City and Copenhagen, Denmark. She also had three glamorous appearances at glamglare showcases (here, here and here). This year, she will be releasing more new music, starting with the equally beautiful “Mom, Am I From Outer Space?” on May 27.

Listen to our Song Pick of the Day, “Kill or Be Killed,” here:

Haiines — Groovin’

Emma Haines does everything herself from composing to singing, to producing. Under the artist name Haiines, she creates beautifully lush house music that is as retro as it is futuristic and definitely irresistible.

“Groovin’” focuses on one sentiment, and one only: “groovin’ to the music, groovin’ every night” and we believe her that she does exactly that in her home town Perth, Western Australia where there are no frosty cold days ever. We are happy to chime in and get that body movin’, and we keep on groovin’ while enjoying her previous singles “Hot” and “Turn.” So good. More of this, please!

Listen to “Groovin’,” our Song Pick of the Day:

Connect with Haiines here.



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