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Seven Fresh Songs #133

Jebledz, Jayd Ink, The Ocean Beneath, Thus Love, TSHA, Halley Grey and Pearla

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Jbledz — Don’t Fade

“Don’t Fade” is such a bright and beautiful track that the darker subject matter surprises. Jbledz says about his new single:

Sometimes you give them “all your love” and you “just get played.”

Jbledz is the moniker of Provo, Utah-based musician Jared Bledsoe, who states that music had mattered tremendously for him since his very early days. As a baby, he suffered from ear infections, and his mom, desperate to help her child and keep her boy from crying, turned on the TV when a live orchestra was broadcast. Jared explains further:

“I stopped crying, opened my eyes wide, looked over, and listened. She had found a way to calm me down and I had found what would later be at many times, my only friend, music. As the years continued, I lost friends to pride, death, and drugs. Music became my therapy, my escape, my world where I could be me.

Music plays a vital role in many people’s lives but not everyone becomes a musician and makes a profession out of it. With gorgeous vocals like Jared’s and obvious songwriting talent, I am very glad that Jbledz found a way to express this further. Here’s to more cool sound from Jbledz!

Listen to “Don’t Fade,” our Song Pick of the Day:

Connect with Jbledz here.

Pearla — Effort

“I don’t know why it takes so much effort to feel good these days,” sings Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter Nicole Rodriguez aka Pearla. Chances are that a similar thought has crossed your mind, too, at times when happiness seems to be just out of reach. But Pearla wraps this sentiment in a sprawling 5-minute lushly arranged song that reflects the drama and the hope of escaping such a stalemate.

Pearla says about the song:

“‘Effort’ is about being too tired to do the things that you know will make you feel better. Getting stuck in a pattern of isolating yourself and resisting what you know you need. I wrote it as a sort of scream out from the stuck-ness.

”Watch the video for “Effort,” directed by V. Haddad:

With this single, Pearla announced her debut album, “Oh Glistening Onion, The Nighttime is Coming,” out October 21 on Spacebomb Records.

Halley Greg — The Ocean

Songwriter, singer and producer Halley Greg is gearing up to release her second album, Straitjacket, by the end of this month. We got an early listen of the album and immensely enjoy its nine tracks, and are especially excited to exclusively premiere “The Ocean today” — a delightful pop anthem with a sophisticated rock vibe.

Asked about the inspiration for “The Ocean,” the Seattle-based artist says:

I wrote this song in October of 2020, in the weeks leading up to the presidential election. Democracy itself was being threatened, and I felt the urge to write a song that would remind people of their power — -the ability we have to rise up en masse against tyranny. As this song was taking shape, I was imagining myself casting a spell of sorts… a spell to reject and eject the narcissistic sharks from our political system.

As someone who is deeply fascinated by the ocean -and I think most of us are- I applaud Halley for having chosen that allegory. The lyrics are extremely powerful and poetic in itself and paired with Halley’s gorgeous vocals and the alluring production, resulting in a timeless anthem and a great reminder that together we are strong.

In case you think with vocals like these, Halley Greg should be on national television and a household name, well, turns out Halley was a “Team Kelly” member on The Voice. With her fantastic second album, she is about to leave these days behind and opens a new chapter as an all-around artist to be reckoned with. Straitjacket, was recorded at London Bridge Studio in Seattle and co-produced by Greg and Eric Lilavois (Ayron Jones), and you can pre-save the album here.

Listen to “The Ocean,” our Song Pick of the Day premiere:

Connect with Halley Greg here.

Jayd Ink — Queen St.

Getting into your car and driving through the city at night can have therapeutic powers. Toronto-based singer Jayd Ink likes to use “Queen St” in her hometown for that purpose, and what could capture the nocturnal, atmospheric vibe than a classic 90s R&B song.

Jayd Ink says about the song:

“To clear my head, I like to go for a ride, play some music or just drive in silence. This record is about sitting with yourself and going for that late drive to unwind from the day. Queen Street is a popular street in Toronto, it’s where the majority of people do most of their shopping and hang out. During lockdown, it was deserted, so it was a perfect drive and I’d never seen it so empty. Whilst I was going for these rides I found myself exploring my city with fresh eyes, connecting with it in new ways and just learning to appreciate the memories that I’d had here and this particular street struck a chord and really stood out to me, like never before.”

If you don’t have a car — like us here at glamglare — then the video is a good substitute. Watch Jayd Ink on her trip through the city lights in a Cadillac below:

THUS LOVE — In Tandem

Can you possibly fall in love with the sound of a band based on only one song? Yes, you can, if the song’s anything like “Inamorato.” And if there was ever more proof needed that THUS LOVE is onto something exceptional, here it is. “Tandem,” the new single of the Battleborough, Vermont post-punk trio, demonstrates that there’s plenty of talent and substance.

Having followed their career since I first came across them earlier this year for the New Colossus Festival, I saw them playing a flurry of interesting places and shows. With captivating performances like these and singles like “Inamorato” and “In Tandem,” it doesn’t come as a surprise that THUS LOVE will go on tour supporting Viagra Boys and Shame. The latter, I’ve seen live three years ago in Iceland and was blown away by their live show. So, if you are anywhere close to a place where these three will play together, get your tickets now and thank me later.

Asked about “In Tandem,” Echo Mars (vocals, guitar), Lu Racine (drums), and Nathaniel van Osdol (bass) say:

Written in 12 hours of digestion of emotional turmoil, “In Tandem” is a sonic promise to hold awareness of a fundamental truth: we are nothing but star-dust.

The three self-identifying trans artists share a common vision and have lived together under the same roof since the band’s inception. Echo (she/her), Lu (he/him), and Nathaniel (they/them) designed and produced their own merch and even created their own recording studio from scratch, about which Echo says:

I realize that most artists don’t live this way, but for us, it was never really a choice. The art we make is so tied to who we are and the community we’re a part of, that this is the only way we can possibly do it.

This close bond comes to fruition not only live but also through their upcoming debut album Memorial, out on October 7th on Captured Tracks. For now, let’s enjoy “In Tandem” together with its brilliant video, which is directed and edited by Erin Vassilopoulos and filmed by Daryl Pittman.Listen to the explosive and super catchy “In Tandem,” our Song Pick of the Day, and check out the video too:

Connect with THUS LOVE here.

TSHA — Water

London-based producer TSHA makes bright, extremely infectious electronic dance music. Her latest song, “Water,” features iconic Malian musician Oumou Sangaré and is sure to heat this and any coming summer weekends. TSHA’s debut full-length “Capricorn Sun” is scheduled for October 7 via Ninja Tune.

Listen to “Water,” our Song Pick of the Day, on your favorite streaming service or below:

The Ocean Beneath — Feel

The Ocean Beneath is the moniker of producer, songwriter, and DJ Matt Burnside. Based in Leeds, UK, The Ocean Beneath creates catchy electronic tunes that charm thanks to their mesmerizing flow and, in the case of “Feel,” also thanks to Keeper of Bees’ lovely vocals.We asked Matt to tell us a little about “Feel,” and he says:

“Feel” falls somewhere between electronic house vibes and emotionally charged indie bangers thanks to the beautiful vocals of Vicky Richardson (Keeper Of Bees) and some huge melodic guitars courtesy of Rick Whitehead (Sparralimb). All this comes together to tell a story of yearning with a groove that will keep your body moving throughout.

Absolutely true! This is a beautiful feel-good banger perfect for every summer party and beyond. Listen to “Feel,” our Song Pick of the Day:

Connect with The Ocean Beneath here.



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