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Seven Fresh Songs #147

Jack Rose, Pitou, Kuni, Kane & James, Anna Mieke, Caroline Rose and Nico Paulo

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“Forever,” the new single by indie-rock duo Kane & James makes for a fantastic backdrop to enjoy the vivid fall colors on a sunny day. The track delights with its sparkling, jangly-bright guitars and surprises with refreshingly unique harmonies. When asked about “Forever,” the New Jersey-based brothers Kane and JamesMarady say:

“Forever” is about finding love in places you would least expect to. Like in a song or in a memory. Then, doing everything in your power to hold on to that feeling.

This feeling is beautifully captured in “Forever,” out now via Good Eye Records. Listen to “Forever,” our Song Pick of the Day:

Connect with Kane & James here.

Kuni is the moniker of Rome-based artist Eleonora Danese. Her debut single is the dreamy, bright track “Sleep Baby,” out now on Factory Flaws. It is not meant as a lullaby, but it does have a calming effect, and you can well imagine it inducing sweet dreams on a poolside afternoon nap.

Eleonora says about the song:

“‘Sleep Baby’ is my way to say to the other person ‘There is so much more I could say to you to make you understand me better but I won’t because that would hurt way too much’. It is my way to show how protective I am of their feelings. I love to share stories and things about my past, because I feel very attached to the past itself, but I know I can’t always say everything. Oversharing is kind of a problem for me and trying to control it shows just how much I care about who I am sharing with, since stories about us are also about others and often generate unexpected feelings and reactions that aren’t always good for the ones who are listening.”

Listen to “Sleep Baby,” our Song Pick of the Day, below:

Jack Rose is a young singer, songwriter, and TV presenter from Ashford, Kent, in the UK, who teamed up with producer KC Thorpe to create the blazingly beautiful “Be Alright.” It is the first collaboration between the two, although they have known each other for many years. When I asked Jack to tell us a bit more about the song and its production, I was hoping for some cool little blurb but wasn’t prepared for this kind of heartwarming story. Jack says:

I have worked with Kevin since I was 13 and his wife actually went in to labour with their first child during my first ever recording session, so having worked with him for so long and having such a good connection, it was it was a pleasure releasing a track together.

Here’s to many more of such glorious productions because “Be Alright” is the perfect little mantra and a reminder to believe in yourself and never give up. It’s a refreshingly straightforward upbeat track, without any distracting bells and whistles, just 100% positive, feel-good vibes.

Listen to “Be Alright,” our Song Pick of the Day:

Connect with Jack Rose here.

NYC singer, songwriter, and producer Caroline Rose artfully captures one moment of confusion in a relationship. As the intensity of the song ebbs and swells between an acoustic guitar line and orchestral blasts, you absolutely get what Caroline says about the song:

“When I was younger, I remember having so many feelings it felt like I would explode if I didn’t express them somehow. This felt similar to that — very pure and direct.”

Listen to our Song Pick of the Day, “Love / Lover / Friend,” on your favorite streaming service or below on YouTube:

Having left Portugal for Canada’s Saint John’s, Newfoundland & Labrador, artist Nico Paulo released the mesmerizing and utterly beautiful “Now or Never.” It marks the first single from her upcoming album, out due April 1st, 2023, via Forward Music Group. This is one of the songs I wish I could make EVERYONE to hear. It is as tender as it is assertive and as fragile as it is powerful. Shortly put, a true gem of a song. But this is not yet all, because “Now or Never” is accompanied by a quiet, inviting video, shot under the pink moon of March 2022 on location, directed by Nico Paulo and Sarah Kierstead and shot and edited by the latter. Asked about “Now or Never” Nico says:

The lyric “kiss me now or never, hold me close or let me go,” is one of the first lines I wrote and it has stayed relevant to my experiences ever since. This line has haunted me for almost a decade and recent experiences of loss and reconstructing of the self helped me to finally transform it into a song.

While I am sad to hear that an experience of loss kicked off the creation of “Now or Never,” I am sort of glad it did. And I can relate to the feeling of loss too. Music, breathtakingly beautiful music like this, helps.

Listen to “Now or Never,” our Song Pick of the Day, and watch the lovely video too:

Connect with Nico Paulo here.

“Seraphim,” the new song by Irish singer/songwriter Anna Mieke is woven out of intricate guitar play and rhythms and will for over five minutes not let you out of its gentle grip. It is one more beautiful single from Anna’s new album “Theatre,” out Friday, November 18. She says about the song:

“While writing this song, I was listening to a lot of Juana Molina from Argentina. She has really interesting vocal rhythms going on. ‘Seraphim’ touches on loss, the ‘passing on’ of grief, and the different ways it’s expressed. But, for me, there’s something really uplifting about the song too, and having family and close friends in the video really means a lot.”

Listen to “Seraphim,” our Song Pick of the Day, on your favorite streaming service or watch the video directed by Anna Heisterkamp:

Pitou is an Amsterdam-based artist who we fell in love with earlier this year. Her new single “Dancer” is another highlight from her upcoming album “Big Tear,” out in Spring 2023. While the song never leaves its acoustic roots, she and eight musicians built the track out of many different sonic elements that beautifully vibe together.

Pitou says about the song:

“This movement, from dark to light and back again, sometimes feels very violent. Like a natural phenomenon, waves, that you are forced to give in to. I’ve been thinking about these waves, and how I would like to be more graceful in the surrendering. Make it less of a fight, and more of a dance.”

Listen to “Dancer,” our Song Pick of the Day, on your favorite streaming service or watch the video below:



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