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Seven Fresh Songs #35

Trying out different ideas and formats, we decided in April 2015 to select one song per day and to post it on our site and all our socials. We have been doing it ever since with only two exceptions: David Bowie’s death and Blackout Tuesday.

We choose our Song Picks of the Day based on the music we like, but there is more to it! As opposed to many other blogs, we don’t believe in entry criteria. To be featured on glamglare, a musician doesn’t need to be signed, has a significant online following or impressive Spotify numbers. We just need to have the feeling that she/he/they are serious about making music, and we need to like the song subjectively. That is why we often feature musicians at the start of their careers, who don’t have a label or a marketing budget to boost their music yet.

These days writing, producing, and distributing music is accessible to everyone, and we believe that there is much fantastic art to be found beyond the billboard charts. It is rewarding to dig a little deeper and give artists that fly under the radar of mass media and playlist robots a chance to be listened to.

You can do this here on Medium with the Seven Fresh Songs series, published every Monday, on glamglare every day, or simply by following our playlists on Spotify (updated daily) or Apple Music (updated on Sundays).

RYAL — Closure

The story behind “Closure” is inspired by personal experiences, Jacque Ryal told us. She is the singer and keyboardist of New York-based electronic, alternative synth-duo RYAL , while collaborating partner Aaron Nevezieis its producer.

Songwriting usually comes from a personal place and the story a song tells stands for itself. In the case of “Closure” though, what has happened that led to creating the track is interesting too and worth to be told. Add that we know Jacque and her musical project for a few years and had RYAL headline our very first showcase, we are truly excited to premiere their gorgeous new single “Closure”.

Intriguing from the first beats, the track becomes irresistible once the chorus sets in, and Jacque’s vocals are given room to fully swoon. Jacque says about “Closure”:

“I had to get out of my own head during my recovery, so listening to my friends talk about their dating experiences in the midst of it all was a much-needed distraction for my brain. The ups and downs and intensity of finding love, facing oneself during this time is not for the faint of heart. When Aaron sent the framework of the track, the chorus wrote itself”.

One of the many mounting struggles in this insanely trying time. How to date, how to even fall in love, but wait… “my recovery“?! — We did not expect that and wanted to know more. After all, we love RYAL’s music but we also love Jacque as a person and so far we did not personally know anybody physically affected by COVID-19. We asked Jacque if she would be willing to explain the background and context of “Closure” a bit further. Here is what she responded to us:

“I was so sick when we wrote this track….I can’t even tell you. I was doing anything I could do to keep my mind off of how bad I felt. This track gave my mind another place to roam. I was so scared I was going to end up at the Javits hospital. I had two best friends telling me their crazy dating during COVID stories and so that is what inspired the song. The resurgence of the past loves rearing their desperate heads leading each other on, purely out of fear and loneliness generated only by a year like this.

That is one of the traits that mark a true artist. Going through a horrific phase, and not only coming out of it but creating something, not just ‘something’ but something amazing.

In the case of RYAL, recording a series of new songs, all to be released in the upcoming months. “Closure” is the first taste of their new music and sounds at its core very New York, which means it impresses and delights with an alluring complexity. “Closure” starts out wistfully and with brooding undertones yet when the chorus sets in, you can feel the sun breaking through the clouds, prickling on your skin and bathing everything around you in a golden, sparkly light.

Coming to terms with the prospect of “cool it’s a summer love,” is taking things one step at a time, like healing, and is dancing to the tune of a little carefreeness.

Listen to “Closure”, our Song Pick of the Day premiere:

Woodes — Queen of the Night

At glamglare we have been in love with the music of singer, songwriter and producer Elle Graham aka Woodes since we saw her first at SXSW 2017. Her bright, glittering synth pop, catchy and often spiked with sonic surprises, had us her first EP playing on repeat while winding down from the festival activities in the hotel room. Now finally her debut album “Crystal Ball” will be out on October 2 ( preorder ) and we cannot wait to here what she was working on in the past three years.

Our Song Pick of the Day “Queen of the Night” finds a striking balance between power pop anthem, intimacy and adventurous electronics and showcases beautifully what Woodes is aiming for with her music.

Listen to “Queen of the Night” below:

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Crawford Mack — Firing Squad

With a background in jazz, singer-songwriter Crawford Mack calls the songs he creates “the sweet spot between Led Zeppelin and Joni Mitchell.”Given that the former are known for their intricate and wide-ranging interpretations of the rock genre and the later for her enchanting folk-songs and amazing lyrics, Mack is very much spot on with his self-description.

In a recent post on his socials, Crawford Mack explains that reading William McIlvanney’s ‘The Weekend’ would have inspired “Firing Squad” because it got him thinking “whether those in positions of authority that wrong others would be able to do so if they were made to see the vulnerability of those they wronged,“. (Head to the artist’s page to read his thoughts and acknowledgements in full.)

The lyrics to “Firing Squad” are as gripping as they are poetic. Add a beautifully flowing melody, with lots of finger-picking, a strong build and Mack’s raspy-warm vocals and the track becomes irresistible.

Listen to “Firing Squad”, our Song Pick of the Day:

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Mima Good — Lolabye

“Lolabye” is a song about the stereotypical roles that women are often forced to accept in good humor. “I’ve laughed at myself when I should have cried.” — a sound clip of Judy Garland opens the song and from there Brooklyn-based musician Mima Good builds a playful, sprawling and timeless pop song with plenty of satirical bite.

Mima Good is working on an album “Hydra,” but no release date is set yet.

Listen to “Lolabye” below:

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The Native — Chasing Highs

Luckily, or in this case sadly, the world does not stand still and other serious topics like drug overdose deserve our attention as well. Indie-rockers The Native , at home in Plymouth, West England, took the tragic passing of a local young woman to come up with the concept for “Chasing Highs”. Frontman and guitarist Charlie Noordewier explains:

“You don’t often hear about events like this happening in our home town, especially with someone at such a young age. It really highlighted to us how a lot of the younger generations aren’t properly educated on these issues and how easy it is for someone so young to do something without thinking about the consequences”.

The serious lyrical content is juxtaposed by a high energy rhythm and a lovely melody, lending the track an irresistibly catchy vibe. Listen to “Chasing Highs”, our Song Pick of the Day:

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Anna Wolf and Pop Morrison — The Unfamiliar (Video)

Today we have a special audiovisual treat for your Sunday enjoyment: British musicians Anna Wolf and Pop Morrison — the drummer of Stereophonics — have teamed up for the title song of the indie horror movie “The Unfamiliar”. Naturally the accompanying video has a dark and eerie vibe and blends musical performance and scenes from the film in a way that it is hard to tell which one is more haunting.

Watch the video “The Unfamiliar” here:

Listen to the Song on SoundCloud:

Connect with Anna Wolf on Facebook , Instagram or Twitter. Connect with Pop Morrison on Facebook , Instagram or Twitter .

LMNL — Outliar

“Outliar” marks the closing track on ‘s LMNL just-released self-titled EP and it is probably the most passionate and dynamic song on the album. LMNL is the solo-project of Simon Batten, who made himself a name in Oxford’s music scene with a variety of different projects and collaborations. Then he left the U.K. for Italy, where he now resides in Florence. While Simon Batten had released music under his name before, he goes into a slightly more dancefloor and pop-oriented direction with his new project. In any case though, whatever the name the result is utterly compelling.

As it is the case with “Outliar”, where mercilessly pulsating beats and brooding undertones create an atmosphere of curiosity wins over prudence. Add Batten’s warm and earthy vocals, the push and pull appeal is complete. When asked about his latest single, Simon Batten says:

“It’s not really a spoiler to say that this song speaks about social anxiety, and how we keep forcing ourselves into situations that make us feel awkward and ‘other’. We intentionally tried to make part of the song uncomfortable to reflect this tension.”

Listen to “Outliar”, our Song Pick of the Day:

Connect with LMNL on Facebook , Twitter, and Instagram .



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