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Seven Fresh Songs #50

Patricia Lalor, Natalie Bouloudis, HUX, HÅN & Giungla, MIYNT, Eighty Ninety and The Eiffels

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Natalie Bouloudis — Coal

Coal and diamonds are both just carbon, albeit in very different states. This is the metaphor that London-based singer/songwriter Natalie Bouloudis applies to a relationship that went from glitter to black dust. Her signature cinematic folk noir immediately captures and takes you into its own world — perfect for this tale of darkness and light.

“Coal” is the third single from Natalie’s second EP “Devil Is Doubt,” out on January 29. We will catch up with her then in a Q&A. Stay tuned!

Listen to “Coal” on all streaming services or below on Bandcamp:

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HUX — Headrush

London-based indie-pop duo HUX delight with “Headrush”, a song so beautiful and bright, it makes you want to dance. The Flamenco rhythms and Flamenco-inspired guitars make for a cool spin on electro-pop.

Behind HUX are London-native Pat Keating and Melbourn-born George Huxtable, and the latter’s nickname also serves as their band name. The duo was discovered by Toby Smith from Jamiroquai who started developing and recording them straight out of school. When asked about “Headrush” the duo says:

“It’s about being in a position where your love for somebody is something you can rely on, something that is a constant in a constantly changing world. It’s written as a love song between two people building a romantic relationship but the message is also celebrating or simply acknowledging that love, which can come from a friend/family member/partner/whatever, keeps us connected through everything that goes on around us.”

“Headrush” is an absolutely irresistible feel-good song! Listen to “Headrush”, our Song Pick of the Day:

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Patricia Lalor — Same Place Again

Young Irish singer/songwriter Patricia Lalor is a phenomenon: she released four EPs this year, three originals and one with cover songs, but instead of inching closer to the mainstream, she doubles down on her unique brand of dream pop. Our Song Pick of the Day “Same Place Again” from her latest EP “This Is How We Connect, While You Stand So Tall” (Apple Music | Spotify) is an epic, multi-layered track that will make you look forward to wherever Patricia goes from here.

Watch the video for “Same Place Again” here:

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Eighty Ninety — Better as Friends

New York-based indie-pop duo Eighty Ninety, comprised of brothers Abner James (vocals, production) and Harper James (guitar, production) released the gorgeous new track “Better As Friends”. The release also comes with a compelling music video, showcasing fragments of the New York skyline, juxtaposed with intimate studio shots.

We had Eighty Ninety already on our radar in 2019 and are overjoyed to see the siblings continue to create lush pop-songs with a big heart. We can not get enough of Abner’s vocals in “Better as Friends” which offer this irresistible mix of sweet vulnerability and potent strength. Always a fan of intriguing guitar work, Harper is covering that for us.

“Better as Friends” marks the second single from the duo’s upcoming sophomore EP, created in collaboration with Grammy-nominated producer Gian Stone, scheduled for 2021. When asked about the song, Eighty Ninety say:

“Better as Friends” is about wanting to stay connected to someone you were in love with — but how that can be even more painful than letting go. It’s about the desire to live in the past rather than face the end, and how love means wanting the best for someone even if that no longer includes you.

Listen to “Better as Friends”, our Song Pick of the Day:

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MIYNT — A Bite of Papaya

Swedish musician MIYNT is back with a new single “A Bite of Papaya” that is pure delight. Airy, but full of energy, with funky guitars and smacking beats it invites you to dance along and dream of the next summer. Where did MIYNT take the inspiration from? “A bite of papaya is the result of a slow disco jam and too much fruit,” she simply says.

Listen to “A Bite of Papaya,” our Song Pick of the Day on all streaming services or on SoundCloud below:

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The Eiffels — Patient

An entire year went almost by, even a trying year like 2020, without us featuring new music by Los Angeles three-piece The Eiffels, my favorite West Coast indie-pop act. Then along came “Patient”, and the world seems to be almost (!) well again. Without falling into the super-polished pop-cliché trap, The Eiffels understand how to create songs that are crazy catchy, tinged with 80s swagger, and a killer dancefloor vibe without losing the edge that makes them so alluring.

Having followed The Eiffels’ career, and featured the band around frontman Sean Ulbs before, we asked Sean for some background to “Patient” and he says:

I was driving all around Los Angeles one night trying to find the words to this song. It was such an uncertain time. The pandemic was just getting started and our tour was cancelled. It was difficult to find the inspiration to write something light or uplifting, so I eventually just leaned into the uncertainty.

By doing so, also tapping into the ubiquitous feeling most of us share these days. Sean explains further:

I wrote what I was feeling: ‘Maybe I’ll never know, maybe I’ll never go, wondering if I’ll show up…’ After that, the lyrics just flowed because I knew what I wanted to say. As I was writing, I realized how fortunate I was to be spending this crazy time, or any time, with someone I loved. In times like these, it really helps bridge the gap to the other side. And sometimes the most joy comes from who you’re sharing your time with, rather than the specifics of what you’re doing with that time.”

What a beautiful sentiment and I couldn’t agree more! Like The Eiffels’ previous singles and EPs, “Patient” will spin on repeat at glamglare and became my new favorite feel-good-vibes track.

Listen to “Patient”, our Song Pick of the Day:

Listen to “Patient” on your preferred platform.

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HÅN & Giungla — CTR

Giulia Fontana and Ema Drei aka HÅN and Giungla came together — virtually, of course — and wrote a song together about all that is going on in this crazy year of 2020. Collaborations are hit or miss, but when these two Italian creative powerhouses are throwing their energies together, you have to pay attention. They reveal about the track:

The track was born last summer at Giungla’s place in Milan when we sat down for a writing session together. Visually videogame characters like Crash and Sonic came to mind and we thought that the idea of a race was perfect for the melody. We imagined a sort of silly competition against frenzy, anxiety, tiredness, what other people think about you, and at the same time the need to keep going and challenge yourself. We finished it remotely between Milan and London (where Hån lives) during this lockdown and it’s also a reflection on what it feels like to be a musician in a year when you can’t really tour. We felt that the only thing that makes sense now it’s collaborating and sharing. We’re in this race together.

Our Song Pick of the Day “CTR” is out today. Listen below:

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