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Seven Fresh Songs #51

Circa Waves, Su Lee, Long Tall Jefferson, Girl As Wave, Winona Avenue, Joshua Henry and la loye

Ahead of his upcoming EP “ Guarantee”, New York-based artist Joshua Henry release the soulful and beautifully touching “Hold Me”.

Broadway fans will know Joshua Henry from his Tony-nominated turn in “Scottsboro Boys” and as Aaron Burr in the first touring company of “Hamilton.”

He says about his multi-faceted career:

I’d been writing songs for nearly a decade, but my incredible wife, Cathryn, pushed me to not waste any time and follow that passion. I continue to love acting, stepping into someone else’s shoes, but this year made one thing super clear to me: We don’t know what will happen tomorrow, so I had to really give it my all.

When the pandemic hit New York in full force, Henry had his own experience:

It was an amazing exercise in watching something grow through constraints — to know what’s possible if you have the right people supporting you. In the past I’ve been a really private person, but they gave me freedom to break my chest open, to get into conversations about self-discovery and vulnerability.

We love all the amazing layers in “Hold Me” from the grooves and funky rhythms, to the glistening warmth of Henry’s incredible vocals to the smart and poetic lyrics: “Hold me, just don’t hold me back.” Brilliant!

Listen to “Hold Me”, our Song Pick of the Day, and check out the fantastic music video too:

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la loye is the project of Lieke Heusinkveld from Amsterdam, Netherlands and her new song “I’m Still Asleep” is a reflection of dealing with insecurities while growing up. This could have worked as a quiet, acoustic track, but Lieke doesn’t hold back with layers of sounds and creates a moving cinematic experience for the listener. She explains about the song:

As a teen I was always searching for any sort of buzz: going out, roaming the city with friends, that sort of thing. Even though I seemed to enjoy most of it, there would always be this underlying sense of sorrow. It could really catch me off guard as I didn’t really understand where it came from or what to do with it. I think the song is a reflection on this particular time where I was just trying to figure that stuff out

Listen to our Song Pick of the Day “I’m Still Asleep” here:

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Today, Long Tall Jefferson released a superb video to the third track of the album he dropped recently. The music video to “(I’m in Love with an) Astronaut” directed by Maximilian Speidel, is utterly charming with its mix of different visual styles, just like the song itself. Behind the moniker Long Tall Jefferson is the songwriter, singer, and musician Simon Borer. Based in Switzerland, he founded the indie label Red Brick Chapel in 2011. For his album “Cloud Folk”, Borer enlisted the help of producer Domi Chansorn and says:

I found myself a producer to challenge me and help make my blurry vision more tangible.

After an intense time of steady collaboration, the album was created in autumn 2019. However, in early 2020, Borer realized they had only produced a beta version of what he envisioned. He explains:

I took over, reworked the album, re-recorded some songs from scratch, changing individual beats and sounds. I learned a lot and finally reached the right point.

We agree with Borer that he has reached the “right point,” because the single is crazy catchy and the accompanying video is highly entertaining. They make for the perfect teaser to dig further and listen to all songs on “Cloud Folk.”

Listen to “(I’m in Love with an) Astronaut”, our Song Pick of the Day:

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To many of us the world has shrunken to little more than a few rooms, so this musical invitation by Korean singer, songwriter and producer Su Lee to let your dreams soar may come right in time. Set to bright, upbeat synth pop Su muses about the moment when daydreams meet reality. She says:

“Wide Awake” is my love letter to ‘us in the future, it can be lonely at times, to be a dreamer, striving in solitude. That’s when we dive into our imaginations to find strength and sanity. This song is my hope that someday, they will no longer be mere daydreams, but something real; something we can experience wide awake.

And if the song alone does not suffice to lift your mood, watch the heartwarming, entirely self-directed video here:

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Very early this year, on January 11th to be precise, we featured British indie rock quartet Circa Waves with the lush and beautiful “Move to San Francisco”. Back then, we have already heard about a new flu outbreak somewhere deep in China but we could not imagine that the year would unfold how it did. A pandemic? Geez!

But here we are, and when asked about “Miss Christmas”, Circa Waves’ new single, frontman Kieran Shuddall says:

As no one’s been able to hug their family for half a year we wanted to give you this song. A warm Christmassy cuddle to tide you over till covid gets chinned out its shoes in 2021. We wanted to make a Christmas song that felt timeless and could sit between Mariah Carey and Paul McCartney on the nation’s Christmas Day. Pass the sprouts!

Lovely sentiment, and make this for over a year in my case, hugging family members and this will be the case way into 2021… But, “Miss Christmas” is just the perfect new addition to our holiday playlist, and we enjoy the warm and fuzzy vibes, faintly reminiscent of The Waterboys’ “The Whole of the Moon”. COV

The cover photo of the song is a clever nod to the album cover of Liverpool’s most famous band, out of social distancing necessity or a clever spark. After all, Circa Waves also call Liverpool their home. Bottom line: we love “Miss Christmas”, the song, its packaging, and the charming video!

Watch the music video and listen to “Miss Christmas”, our Song Pick of the Day:

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We have been fans of Girl As Wave, the project from New York-based musician Marci Elizabeth since she released the EP “Poison Vines and Nectar” two years ago. Finally we have a new song from her: “Setting Sun” is a prime piece of earthy indie rock that makes appetite of Marci’s upcoming EP “All The Noises And The Echoes.” She says about the song:

This song is about seeing what we want to see in a person or situation instead of what’s actually being presented to us while being fully aware that it’s merely wishful thinking.

Listen to our Song Pick of the Day here:

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At home in Indianapolis, IA, Winona Avenue create warm and alluring pop-songs with a message. “December Night” is about Christmas and the holiday spirit and it is presented in a fascinating way. The video, directed by Andrew Rozario, picks up on the theme of love and belongingness, telling a story about adoption and family bonds. Brothers David and Daniel Deputy are the creative team behind Winona Rider and we asked them whether they would have a few more words to add about their new single.

Daniel says:

December Night is about feeling lost and distant, until you find a place that you’ve been longing for and a place to call home. You are welcomed home just the way you are, no matter the circumstances. We want the song to be a reminder that you are never alone and that there is always hope, no matter what you have been through or are going through. We hope this song will encourage our listeners to love others unconditionally, to always be available for others, and to reach out and support those who may be in need.

Regardless of religious beliefs or political views, these are important thoughts and something we would want to remind ourselves not just now. “December Night” is a beautifully catchy pop-song and perfect for this time of year. Or any time, really when a little cheer-me-up and sing-along is desired.

Listen to “December Night”, our Song Pick of the Day, and check out the video too:

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