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Girl As Wave, T & the Rex, Sophia, Will Graefe, Might Oaks, Cloves and WHARVES

Seven Fresh Songs #64

Sophia — Stay

“Stay” is about a beautiful experience: the moment when you realize that you connect with somebody on a deeper level. The latest song by the U.K. singer/songwriter Sophia is a disarmingly honest, intimate pop song. The track comes with some of the bells and whistles of modern pop production, but a guitar keeps it grounded until the music swells like the soaring emotions that Sophia sings about.

Sophia says about the song:

“The track describes a certain feeling, when you’re in a situation you never want to leave, you just want to forget everything else, lay all your feelings on the table and stay in that place forever.”

Listen to our Song Pick of the Day “Stay” on Spotify or all other streaming services:

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Mighty Oaks — Mexico

Berlin-based folk-pop trio Mighty Oaks released the pleasantly catchy “Mexico,” announcing their upcoming equally titled 4th studio album. Mighty Oaks’ easy appeal might stem from the fact that all three band members sing and play various string instruments but their backgrounds’ roots might influence their musical style as well, being comprised of three friends who hail from America, Italy, and the U.K. The three-piece consists of Ian Hooper (USA), Claudio Donzelli (Italy), and Craig Saunders.

About their new single and their upcoming album Mighty Oaks says:

2020 brought out the best in some, and the worst in others. People across America (and across the world for that matter) stockpiled guns and ammunition, threw punches over toilet paper, pushed racist bigots and ideologies in politics, and put a “me first” attitude on full display. While we firmly believe that turning away from problems does not at all help to get at the root of solving them, this song is a sort of mental escape when things heavy.

The single is beautifully comforting and an instant classic! We could listen to the upcoming album already and love it, twelve catchy folk-pop songs, with heart and meaning. It’s easy to simply get lost in the gorgeous melodies or also listen closely to the intelligent lyricism. Mark your calendars for May 7th and get a taste by listening to “Mexico,” our Song Pick of the Day. Watch the video, which with its feel-good goofy sunshine feel might put a big smile on your face:

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Girl As Wave — Second Thoughts

Girl As Wave, the project of New York-based singer/songwriter Marci Elizabeth, is back with a new song. An effective, minimalistic production placed around a relentless, heavy bass line makes the track instantly accessible and appealing. It also helps that Marci sings about a feeling that is familiar to many of us. She says:

“Second Thoughts is about getting lost down the rabbit hole of overthinking and indecision. I used to constantly get caught in that loop, I still do sometimes, so I wanted to write something that captures what those moments feel like.”

Listen to our Song Pick of the Day, “Second Thoughts” below:

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WHARVES — Everything I’m Waiting On

At home in Lennox Head, New South Wales indie rockers WHARVES released “Everything I’m Waiting On,” an instant classic brimming with promise and hope. From the get-go, the listener is enveloped in a long-missed feeling of possibilities, endlessly bright skies, and sheer bliss. The four-piece ensures though that we stay grounded by adding undertones of a darker reality and wistfulness, and a shoegazey guitar solo, that we came to love from Australian bands.

Instantly hooked, we did not stop with “Everything I’m waiting on” I want it now but continued listening to WHARVES’ impressive song releases. Their previous single “Think Straight” is another crazy catchy winner that we can not get enough of. (Check out the feel-good music video.)

When asked about their new single, band members Fraser Perrott, Matt Collins, Mike Watson, and Scott Finch say:

Set backs can have silver linings. Through cancelled overseas touring and being separated by state border closures we’ve developed a stronger sense of appreciation for each other, the project and our local community and environment. The geographic and financial limitations of COVID have resulted in us being more creative and improving our skills at recording, photography and video making.

Listen to “Everything I’m Waiting On,” our Song Pick of the Day:

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Cloves — Manic

“Manic” is a big pop song, one that you could imagine accompanying the opening sequence of a Bond movie, even though the visualizer suggests more something like “Bladerunner.” But that might not be at all what Kaity Dunstan, the Australian musician who records as Cloves in London, had in mind. In fact, the song is about an unspecified state of mind that is very real, even though it makes no immediate sense. Kaity explains:

“Manic isn’t meant to be coherent, it’s written like a spiralling mood/feeling that you’re struggling to articulate to yourself and others, it’s lack of punch line is its meaning, it’s ‘idk what’s going on in my head but everything feels wrong’, we wanted to give that feeling by stringing together oddities, words to throw sentences off balance, that’s also why it’s the first track and opens the album because it’s so unresolved.”

Watch the visualizer for “Manic” below or listen on your favorite streaming service:

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Will Graefe — Almost Morning

“Almost Morning,” the new single by Brooklyn-based guitarist, singer/songwriter Will Graefe starts tenderly with a promise that might be as quickly gone again as it came. But a few bars in, the instantly irresistible track intensifies, and the enchanting vocals state that it would be almost morning, a time when new things will happen again — even good things. Will Graefe’s new song is as personal as it gets, as it deals with loss and the ensuing aftermath and how to keep ongoing.

Will Graef says:

Almost Morning is the opening track of Marine Life, but it was the last one written and recorded. It’s about processing loss and reckoning with one’s memory. It’s also a simple plea for strength, I think.

The song’s highlight, a showstopper even, is the breathtakingly exquisite guitar part. Graef explains:

The guitar solo is influenced by the sound of early Brian Eno and the unbridled spirit of Sonny Sharrock. I played and recorded all of the instruments on this recording.

“Marine Life” is scheduled for April 30th, via 11A Records and Graefe says about the recording process and its meaning:

It was an interesting challenge for me to delve into engineering fully while also keeping the focus on the songs. I’m used to being a collaborator and greatly value that dialogue. But it became a reality that it was the only way this album was going to happen. And I really just had to do it to feel okay. It’s the way I had to cut through a bunch of things in my life that felt cathartic and self-directed.

The result is nothing short but stunning! Pre-order the album to treat yourself to something extraordinary because Will Graefe not only is an excellent guitarist who knows his instrument really well but proves with “Marine Life” that he is a songwriter one should follow closely. Listen to “Almost Morning,” our gorgeous Song Pick of the Day:

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T & the Rex — Roses

The name T & the Rex may get you on the wrong track here: The T. is (presumably) Tilda Bergkvist from Sweden, a young singer, songwriter, and producer who makes a point to keep full control and in particular not turn to one of the 98% male producers who continue to dominate pop music. Her new song “Roses” is an infectious piece of bedroom pop, created with intentional minimalism.

Tilda gives us a sassy statement about the song:

“If Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band had a baby with Rex Orange County, Kite, and Beach House they would have ‘Roses’. However, ‘Roses’ is more unique since it’s entirely made by a teenage girl”

Listen to our Song Pick of the Day, “Roses” below:

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