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Ellysse Mason, River Hooks, Brothertiger, Tangerine, DUNE Aimee, Eliza Shaddad and Cyrano

Seven Fresh Songs #65

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Tangerine — The Coldest Winter

“The Coldest Winter” by Los Angeles-based dream rock band Tangerine is a beautifully light and airy song, despite its grim title. The guitar work is kept acoustic and more on the playful side, with a bit of electronic distortion added to give the catchy track some edge. The lovely flow of “The Coldest Winter” stands in stark contrast with the lyrical content because this is a song about heartbreak and yet the overall sunny vibe leaves us with a feeling of hope and joy.

Comprised of Marika Justad and Toby Kuhn, the duo sees Marika’s sister Miró Justad on drums for live shows. The latter is also the one who filmed and directed the gorgeous music video to “The Coldest Winter.” The visuals are cinematic, dreamy at times, and convincingly poetic. We reached out to Tangerine, and Marika told us:<

This song feels a bit like a homecoming, because it marks our return to music after a long break. I think I wrote the first fragments of it before quarantine began, but it really came together during lock-down. I remember playing guitar in my room while heavy rain fell on the windows last March, bad news just popping up relentlessly on my phone. The song is a little sad and more intimate sounding than our early stuff, but the process of making it was very joyful. It’s been a little light for me during a dark time.

Listen to “The Coldest Winter,” our Song Pick of the Day:

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Ellysse Mason — Sweet Talkin

There is little more than vocals and a massive, swelling synth in “Sweet Talkin” by Manchester-based singer/songwriter Ellysse Mason. With just that, she creates a vast space to lose yourself in, with little structure to hold on to, but also suspense that carries on until the last bar.

Ellysse says about the song:

“The song is about finding it difficult to communicate. Feeling lost in a void, which can sometimes make you feel like you’re floating off into space, with no tether. And looking back to where you started from, but feeling totally disconnected from it…”

Watch the video for our Song Pick of the Day, “Sweet Talkin:”

Listen to the song on your favorite streaming service.

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Brothertiger — Dancer on the Water

We only discovered electronic musician and synthwave pioneer John Jagos, aka Brothertiger, last year and since then we can’t get enough of his music. Brothertiger dropped “Paradise Lost” in the fall last year, which is among our favorite albums of 2020. The livestream to celebrate the album felt super intimate and showed how it can be done, bringing an actual feel of “this is live” to our homes. The interview after the show was a lovely touch too. And so we are definitely looking forward to Brothertiger’s new livestream at The Sultan Room in Brooklyn on April 28th, lets get our tickets here.

For now, we can enjoy Brothertiger’s brand new single and video “Dancer on the Water,” where he further explores his irresistible blend of 80s pop sensibilities and his own highly appealing craftmanship and style. Cool ocean blue carries you… the new single is so beautifully bright and sunny with just the slightest hint of nostalgia but filled with possibilities ready to get explored! Listen to “Dancer on the Water,” our Song Pick of the Day:

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DUNE Aimee — Power Cut

“Power Cut” is a song that combines melancholy, drama, and upbeat pop sensibilities just in the right measure to make it an engaging experience every time you listen. DUNE Aimee is a singer/songwriter from the Netherlands who moved to Leeds, U.K. to advance her artistic career, so we can hopefully expect more music from her soon.

She reveals a surprising background about the song:

“It’s a very personal song to me. I wrote it in a period in my life where I was doubting a lot of things and didn’t know how to get out of the situation I was in. I felt very stuck and powerless. This song was almost like a cry for help from someone or something from the outside to just force me to get myself the time to really become me again. It’s a crazy coincidence the pandemic happened only a little after.”

Listen to our Song Pick of the Day, “Power Cut” on your favorite streaming service or below on YouTube:

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Cyrano — White Wine

Within mere seconds we were totally smitten by “White Wine,” and listening to the track only gets better the more we indulge in it. “White Wine” marks the new single by British producer Cyrano, who, like the famous fictional character, wants to remain in the background for now. For “White Wine,” Cyrano teamed up with fellow producer Oli Barton-Wood (Nilüfer Yanya, James Blake, and Blaenavo), as well as Jazzi Bobbi (saxophone) and Sam Johnston (guitar). On his debut single, Cyrano sings himself and plays the Rhodes piano to his MPC beats. Many creative people feel most energized and productive in the evening hours, and here is someone who does so too. Cyrano says:

There’s something quite alluring about those early hours; the ambience and tranquillity provides a soft focus, away from the modern-day distractions of the world’s routine. I’m forever chasing the hours of night when time becomes elastic and I lose myself in the space of sound.

We love the melange of a heavy dose of melancholy broken up by a playful, lightheartedness. We can also sense the feeling of missed possibilities if we had only communicated properly. Bittersweet and beautiful! Listen to “White Wine,” our Song Pick of the Day:

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River Hooks — You Lost a Real Friend

New York-based singer, songwriter, and producer River Hooks has a new song out! “You Lost A Real Friend” features a shapeshifting, lush production that washes over you like a wave on a tropical beach, while River’s airy vocals reflect the value of friendship. The track has this sleek and elegant vibe of self-produced music, where nothing comes in between the artist’s mind and the execution.

River gives us some background about the song:

“This song is about celebrating your ex friend. It’s that feeling when you are like…thank god they are no longer in my life because who has time for bad energy? There’s no need to hold a grudge, wish them the best and keep doing you! You don’t need 100 friends, you just need one REAL FRIEND. So don’t let ANYBODY, especially your friends, hold you back for anything in your life. They don’t pay your bills or will be the person fighting to make your dreams come true. They will realize one day that they’ve lost a real friend and if they don’t just send them this song, haha. I want you to dance to this song and sing your heart out! I just want you to feel something and give you an anthem for when you might be feeling down. So much of me went into this song and I’m so proud and happy to share it! The entire song was made by me in my bedroom. Inspired by Kanye, Childish Gambino, Daft Punk, Olivia O’Brien and more.”

Read our Q&A with River Hooks, while listening to our Song Pick of the Day, “You lost a real friend” below:

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Eliza Shaddad — Blossom

One year into the pandemic, it feels like we’ve seen it all before. The Zoom-inspired band videos or the ones with piling one video editing effect onto the other. It is possible, though, to create something blissfully refreshing like the Eliza Shaddad just did with her music video to her gorgeous new single “Blossom.”

The utterly charming video is directed by Jodie Canwell and Eliza herself. It makes us want to join Eliza in the bathtub with her plants (no water, fully clothed!), nosh on pistachio ice cream, and exchange childhood stories. The good kind. “Blossom” is effortlessly dreamy and very sweet, and offers a heavy dose of instant happiness.

At glamglare, we are long-time fans of the Sudanese-Scottish artist and remember fondly SXSW 2019, when Eliza was part of our official showcase — packed room, excited audience and all! Enjoy “Blossom,” our Song Pick of the Day:

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