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Everstill, Logan Prescott, Mïrändä, The Eiffels, IRJA, Emily McNally and Declan Welsh and the Decadent West

Seven Fresh Songs #73

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Declan Welsh and the Decadent West — Another One

Over a year into the pandemic, everyone has to say something about it. It is maybe our only truly collective experience, and artists of all disciplines are making it their subject too. Of course, we have heard plenty of pandemic-related songs by now, yet the aptly named “Another One” stands out. It marks the new single by Scottish indie-rock band Declan Welsh and the Decadent West on their musical journey for releasing their EP in fall this year. While instantly appealing, “Another One” is not just all smooth sailing. The edgy track takes unexpected turns and keeps us glued listening, curious what’s next. The lyrics are as brilliant as the song’s production: How carefree a touch seemed, how normal and strange // How’s everyone doing? Does anything change? // (Oh It’s been a year).

Asked about their new single, Declan Welsh says:

“Another One” is a song about being far apart from each other, and specifically about the very strange year we’ve all spent indoors. It’s a wee journey, musically and lyrically, and I think the tune sort of reflects the way different emotions are constantly competing in your head when you have too much time to reflect. It’s about boredom, anxiety, fear, aimlessness, hope and looking forward to seeing other people again.

All these confusing feelings packed in one magnificent song. “Another One” is intelligent indie-rock at its best!

Listen to “Another One,” our Song Pick of the Day:

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Mïrändä — These Summer Nights

Summer seems to be finally here in NYC, and this year we need the hot and carefree season more than ever. “These Summer Nights,” the new song by singer, songwriter, and producer Mïrändä sums up this feeling perfectly: “I come alive and I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be,” she sings in this upbeat power-pop anthem. We have all waited far too long for this.

Mïrändä says about the song:

“As the weather heats up after a long and exhausting year in isolation, everyone yearns for Summers of the past. This song is an escape, a release, pure ecstasy and carefree revelry — an ode to one of my favorite retro dance spots in NYC that has closed since the pandemic. These Summer Nights is the ultimate summer pop song for 2021.”

Listen to “These Summer Nights” here:

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The Eiffels — Collide

Our sunny springtime days just got better thanks to “Collide,” the new single by my favorite Los Angeles indie-pop band, The Eiffels. As we came to love The Eiffels, “Collide” doesn’t dilly dally around but cuts right to the chase. High energy from the get-go that doesn’t slow down but intensifies and swirls and pulsates to the grande finale. Sean Ulb’s signature vocals guide us through this whirlwind of a song and invite us to dust off these pandemic tired bones already.

Listen to the beautifully effervescent “Collide,” our Song Pick of the Day:

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Everstill — In Your Dreams

Everstill is the duo of singer and guitarist Sara Aridi and drummer Luca Bertaglia. Their first single, “In Your Dreams,” is a dark dream-pop jam, not far from what brought Warpaint on the map in 2010. Sara and Luca are hailing from the Middle East and Italy, respectively, before meeting In New York City and make music — a good sign that diverse creative energy is still going strong in this city.

Sara says about the song:

“The first iteration of “In Your Dreams” was written a few years ago on my acoustic guitar. I had very strong feelings for someone and sensed the connection was mutual but was too shy to express how I felt, so one night I imagined what I would say to him if I were to come clean. Five years later, when I sat down to record our debut album, I revisited the song on my electric guitar and added a second, distorted guitar and fuzz bass. Luca amplified it even further with his drum parts. The goal was to maintain the song’s intimate, seductive style but give it a grittier, darker sound.”

Listen to “In Your Dreams,” our Song Pick of the Day:

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IRJA — Heavy State of Mind

“Heavy State of Mind,” the new single by London-based Swiss duo IRJA is irresistible from start to finish. While the fragile beginning with moody guitar picking evokes Radiohead’s “Knives Out” or TORRES’ “Polish Welcome,” IRJA’s track quickly intensifies and takes on its very own, mesmerizing turn thanks to the beautiful synths-work. Lyrically, “Heavy State of Mind” deals with the impact relationships, and especially failed ones can have on us.

<IRJA is comprised of Colin Lanz (vocals, guitar, synths) and Basil Steiner (drums, synths, backing vocals). The two formed a band, after overhearing one another speaking Swiss-German in a bar in London, which makes for a cool story and was definitely meant to be!

Listen to “Heavy State of Mind,” our Song Pick of the Day:

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Emily McNally — Can We Be Friends

Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter Emily McNally takes bedroom pop to the next level: just with her iPhone, she has crafted an intriguing piece of electro-folk about the clashing emotions that come with love or friendship. But there is nothing simplistic about the song: intricate beats and meandering synth lines float along, while Emily asks the question: “Can we be friends when this all ends?” Only time can answer.

Emily says about the song:

“There’s a desperate sort of wistfulness when you feel like you care about someone more than they care about you. Specifically, I wrote this song about messing around with someone casually, but still wanting that person to stay in your life beyond that in any capacity because of how much you care. I listen to a lot of soft pop and bedroom pop and I do think it’s the perfect medium for that slightly melancholy yearning that you can still dance around your room to.”

Listen to “Can We be friends,” our Song Pick of the Day here:

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Logan Prescott — tongue

Over the past couple of years, producer, songwriter, and singer Logan Prescott released an oeuvre of highly appealing electro-pop songs and now adds “tongue” to the impressive mix. Logan Prescott’s new single is everything you want your summer hit of 2021 to be: spirited, sexy, and simply irresistible!

Only six months ago, the gifted artist exchanged Dallas, TX with Los Angeles, CA, ready to put his mark on the West Coast’s music scene. With his very own blend of smooth and elegantly produced pop music, Logan Prescott gives us quite a chill John Mayer vibe, always a good thing in our book.

We are very excited to premiere “tongue” today. Naturally, I asked Logan about the inspiration for “tongue,” and he says:

The song idea came to me one day when I was scrolling through album artwork online and spotted artwork that had a picture of an old vintage red car. Something about seeing this car just made me want to capture that aesthetic in a song, and the main line of the chorus just came to me. I grabbed a guitar and started with, “But I’ve got you on my tongue, babe”.

What? Wait a minute! Where is that going now? Sounds like a 360, but I am intrigued. Logan explains further:

I realized in that moment that I wanted the song to be about that feeling you get when you’re in a new relationship, and you can’t stop thinking about this girl, and you find yourself talking about her to your friends constantly and they’re getting so tired of hearing about it and they just want you to shut up. I wanted the song to feel as scandalous as it does, but to have that major theme of “talking” to be the momentum for the song.

Strike! Alone thinking of being newly in love like that gives me the goosebumps; listening to “tongue” does the rest. While the lyrics aren’t explicit enough to require labeling them as such, you can read into it all you want, which makes the track even sexier, as Logan intended. The super-catchy melody and Logan Prescott’s velvety vocals accomplish the rest and turn “tongue” into an inescapable pop anthem.

Listen to the utterly gorgeous “tongue,” our Song Pick of the Day premiere:

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