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Charlie Clark & Paul Wilson, Ásgeir, Sam Blacky, Johnny Lloyd, Jessicka, CYPRSS and Slaney Bay

Seven Fresh Songs #80

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Jessicka — Mirrorball Midnight

The beautiful new song by Vancouver-based musician Jessicka is a sprawling synth-pop indulgence. Turn up the volume, let yourself fall into the glittering soundscapes, and it becomes clear why the song is called “Mirrorball Midnight.”

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Charlie Clark, Paul Wilson — Late Night Drinking

Charlie Clark (Astrid) teams up with Paul Wilson (Snow Patrol), who gives “Late Night Drinking” the Red Flame Mix treatment. The result is a brilliant indie-rock anthem with sparkles, passion and depth. The track also marks the first single to be released on Clark’s recently announced independent label: No Big Deal Music.

Speaking about the pair’s close relationship and how the collaboration came about, Charlie Clark says:

“I’ve known Pabs for over 20 years and would walk through the mists of Avalon for that man! We lived in LA during the same period and worked on loads of music (as of yet unreleased). We’ve played in bands together, toured together but we’re pals first and foremost so this collaboration came about purely down to mid-Covid boredom!”

Listen to “Late Night Drinking,” our Song Pick of the Day, and check out the hot band video:

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Slaney Bay — Talking About You

Slaney Bay are the four friends Caitlin Whitley (lead vocals and guitar), William Nicola-Thompson (lead guitar), Joel Martin (backing vocals and bass) and Beth Stacey (drums). They have been making music together for a while, but Slaney Bay is the start of a new endeavor, and their debut single makes appetite for more: “Talking About You,” is a soaring dream-pop piece about that one person who means so much to you that you have to tell everybody.

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Johnny Lloyd — Joypolis

Some artists make themselves rare, and only occasionally appear live or release new material. Not so British songwriter, singer, and film composer Johnny Lloyd, who gears up for his third solo album La La La out July 16th, 2021 via Xtra Mile Recordings. (Pre-order now.) Providing us with another taste from this upcoming album, Johnny Lloyd released the glorious “Joypolis” which very aptly named tackles the joy but also the many other facets that come with being in love and in a relationship. The track is beautifully flowing and mesmerizing with its repeated chorus “Love is a chemical and it’s rushing in my blood.

Check out the lyric video to “Joypolis” and listen to our Song Pick of the Day:

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Sam Blacky — No More

Bring the heat on! “No More,” the new song by producer and DJ Sam Blacky does not only transport you immediately to a hot summer night dance party but also infuses you with a hefty dose of positivity, something we can all use after the past year. In Sam’s own words:

“‘No More’ is super special to me not only because of the message in the lyrics, but also because this song can empower those who hear it and sing along in an almost cathartic way, saying goodbye to past negativity. It’s all about moving forward and realizing what you’re worth. I definitely feel ‘No More’ being played out in clubs and festivals this summer as a sort of ‘f*ck you’ anthem to anyone or anything that has hurt you.”

Listen to “No More” on your favorite streaming service or below on SoundCloud:

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Ásgeir — Sunday Drive

Icelandic singer/songwriter Ásgeir releases the hauntingly beautiful and utterly mesmerizing “Sunday Drive,” a song based on a personal experience that could have ended very differently! It is surprising and then again maybe not at all, that it took one of Iceland’s finest musicians so long to put this particular childhood memory into a song. It is easy to get lost in Ásgeir’s pristine and utterly gorgeous falsetto, and he says about his new single:

Sunday Drive was written about a car accident I had when I was 7 years old. Every Sunday me and my family used to drive on top of a mountain close to the town where we lived and then get out of the car, walk around and enjoy the view. On the day of the accident my older sister was allowed to take pictures on a new camera that my mom and dad had recently bought but they didn’t trust me with it so I got upset and stayed in the car while they went out to take pictures. While I was upset waiting in the car I started playing with the gear shift and handbrake and suddenly the car started moving. It flew down the hill and flipped around a few times and was completely destroyed when it stopped. I crawled out pretty much uninjured, only needing four stitches on my head.

Thankfully, the accident ended as it did and we are allowed to enjoy the magical artistry of Ásgair. The emotive track is taken from Ásgeir’s upcoming EP The Sky is Painted Gray out via One Little Independent Records on September 3rd, 2021. (Pre-order here.)

Listen to “Sunday Drive,” our Song Pick of the Day, and watch the touching video as well:

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CYPRSS — The House I Hate

“The House I Hate” is a not-so-subtle song about the struggle of accepting yourself and how to overcome a constant state of self-loathing. Nashville-based musician CYPRSS delivers her message as a trendy, but elegant pop song that packs a few surprises. CYPRSS says about the song:

“My favorite thing about this song is that, though it is honest about the pain of self-hatred, it doesn’t end there. As I’ve been working the steps of recovery in my own life, it has changed my perspective of myself. Am I always super confident and never struggle now? No. But I’m learning to silence the negative voices in my head and give power to the healthy ones.”

Listen to our Song Pick of the Day, “The House I Hate” on your favorite streaming service or below on YouTube:

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