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Broken Fires, JAiRUS, Sophie Kilburn, Jennah Berry, Tiiva, Non Savary and Penelope Isles

Seven Fresh Songs #82

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Tiiva — Bones

Tiiva is a producer and singer from London, who crafts bright and energetic synth-pop. “Bones,” a song about the perception of beauty, which is — much like the thickly layered sounds of the song — never completely perfect and smooth. Tiiva says about the song:

Bones is about the fragility of how we see ourselves, the perception of what is beautiful. Society tells us we have to be a certain shape, look a certain way, a mirror that is held up where no one easily matches to those expectations.

I wrote this song because I have seen the way this has affected the people I care about, from more subtle moments of someone feeling like they have to exercise cause they ‘ate too much’ to more destructive moments. I wrote this as a letter to anyone who feels they don’t match up to how we feel we’re supposed to look, what we’re supposed to eat, the size, shape of us…that to just be ourselves in a world that is constantly pressuring can be the most radical act of self love.

Listen to our Song Pick of the Day, “Bones,” below:

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JAiRUS — Groove

Even if you didn’t grow up in the 70s, you get a sense of what it must have been like when listening to “Groove,” the fabulous new single by JAiRUS. You are immediately transported back into time: big cars, long hair, flared out jeans, flowing scarves… with music in the air wherever you go. Unsurprisingly, this is also exactly what the Maryland-born/LA-based classically trained singer/songwriter had in mind. When asked about “Groove”, JAiRUS says:

Groove is inspired by one of my favorite periods of music: the 70’s. I started with a beat then added a bass line and I’ve been groovin’ since! I always want to encourage everyone to be their most authentic best selves and stay groovy!

Listen to the irresistibly gorgeous and summer-sexy “Groove,” our Song Pick of the Day:

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Nina Savary — That’s Just the Way I Want to Be

Bright and light as a feather, like a sunny, early spring day, is the new song of French artist Nina Savary. “That’s Just the Way I Want to Be” is the third single of Nina’s upcoming album “Next Level Soap Opera,” to be released on September 24.

She gives us some background on how the song came together:

This love chant is the first track we recorded at La Bergerie with Emmanuel for the album, so it is also a bit of a starting point. An experimental interlude in the career of Blossom Dearie, whose jazzy ballads rocked my childhood, this side of the singer is less known. My friend Dorian Wood was on tour with his band and had a day off between Spain and France, so we invited them and asked them to record it with us. The video is directed by Raz Ullah, incredible musician for Art Of The Memory Palace and synth wizard for Jane Weaver among others.

Watch the video for “That’s the Way I Want to Be” here:

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Broken Fires — Boundaries

After a five-year hiatus, alt-pop trio Broken Fires released new work with their EP New Friends, recorded in an old church in Wales. “Boundaries,” the closing track of the stellar EP, shows the three-piece from a softer and more dramatic side. It also features Angharad Jenkins of folk-rock band Calan adding the heavenly sound of her violin to the song. Speaking about the recording process for “Boundaries,” frontman Tom says:

The lead vocal and violins for “Boundaries” were added at an old chapel in Monmouth. We had to push home the final bit of recording and so hired this place for 3 days. Angharad Jenkins of welsh folk band “Calan” came to visit with her little daughter. She recorded the violins while I (silently) entertained her daughter next to her feet, being careful not to make a squeak. She stared at her mum in awe for a few takes before the novelty wore off!

Putting “Boundaries” into context, Tom provides the following insight to New Friends:

We think the EP shows our full range as a band. Full of dreamy folk, epic endings with layered strings and harmonies and probably one of the most stripped-back tracks we’ve ever written.

Definitely lush and epic! While we enjoy listening to New Friends, we are also already looking forward to HYMNS later in the fall this year. Check out “Boundaries,” our Song Pick of the Day:

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Penelope Isles — Sailing Still

“Sailing Still” is epic, sonically and visually. U.K. Siblings Lily and Jack Wolter aka Penelope Isles went all out with big orchestral soundscapes over almost 6 minutes. The video is no less impressive: traveling through the country, Jack filmed Lily in 36 locations all over England. You can follow their trip along on this interactive map.

Watch the video for “Sailing Still” here:

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Jennah Barry — Venus in Heat

Nova Scotia Songwriter Jennah Barry takes immediately under her spell with the quietly powerful and passionate “Venus in Heat.” Her new single is co-produced by Colin Nealis, a longtime collaborator and bassist of Andy Shauf. The track also marks Jennah Barry’s first release since her much acclaimed 2020 album Holiday. The beautifully soft, nostalgia tinged “Venus in Heat” couldn’t be further away from being aggressive as ‘heat’ might imply.

Jennah Barry says:

This song is about the first few days of falling in love, when you feel great and terrible all at the same time.

We get the thrilling and joyful rollercoaster vibes, and love “Venus in Heat” to the fullest! Listen to “Venus in Heat,” our Song Pick of the Day:

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Sophie Kilburn — I’m in Love with My Therapist

“I’m in Love with My Therapist.” Does Sophie Kilburn mean it literally or figuratively? In her new super-catchy indie-rock banger, the U.K. singer/songwriter voices her frustration that mounts with the second: “Gotta get out of here!,” she sings repeatedly. But where? Therapy does not seem to be a solution.

Sophie gives some background about the song:

“It was lockdown number two, and I was annoyed at myself for killing yet another plant and the story of the song just fell from my frustration. When you go to therapy, you are trying to understand your emotions and behaviours. Sometimes that digging causes confusion, you start to project feelings, like your longing to fall in love, onto a person who ‘gives you the time of day’. It is quite a morbid thought that the only person who you feel who gets you and you can share anything with, is your therapist.

She adds:

They know everything about you, and you know nothing about them but the consistency of being emotionally intimate with them causes feelings to grow to the point of breaking point. What started off as an extreme, slightly comical idea quickly started to make a lot of sense, especially when I found falling for your therapist is a common thing. I didn’t write the song to shock or to be angsty. I am just calling it out for what it is to open a dialogue. At the end of the day, we all want to be heard, appreciated, and loved and if someone makes you feel like you are, it is bound to cross boundaries.”

Watch the video for our Song Pick of the Day, “I’m in Love with My Therapist,” here:

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