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The Beautiful Fear, Blonde Maze, Ashibah, BNNY, Dash Hutton, Julia Bhatt and Neal Francis

Seven Fresh Songs #86

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Blonde Maze — Being Pulled

Blonde Maze is back with a new single from her yet-unnamed debut album. “Being Pulled” is a dreamy reflection about the difficulty of letting go, even if you know it is for the better. The song ebbs and flows like the emotional intensity of old memories, and one can feel the heavy heart that comes with them. Again, Amanda Steckler, the artist behind Blonde Maze, uses a multitude of production techniques to create an ever-shape-shifting track that hardly leaves you unmoved.

Listen to “Being Pulled,” our Song Pick of the Day:

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Dash Hutton — Not Ready to Come Down

West Coast singer/songwriter and performer Dash Hutton wrote a beautiful mantra with “Not Ready to Come Down.” The single will be part of his upcoming EP Canyon Hut Sessions, a collection of songs Hutton wrote during the early months of the pandemic. During that time, he was holed up in his family-owned recording studio called The Canyon Hut, hence the album’s title. The track starts with instantly pleasing guitar work, and Hutton’s soothing vocals act as a guiding light throughout the lovely, pensive song. When asked about the background to “Not Ready to Come Down,” Hutton says:

I wrote this song in one fell swoop during the height of the pandemic. The words to this track came from somewhere deep down, and they capture a moment of reflection when I was sensing a sea change coming. It’s time to turn the page to the next era of life.

Listen to “Not Ready to Come Down,” our Song Pick of the Day:

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Julia Bhatt — Hair Salon Vibes

Miami-based musician Julia Bhatt feels her new song reminds her of a hair salon, while I have the hip Brooklyn Thai restaurant SEA in mind. For you, the music may raise entirely different associations. In any case, “Hair Salon Vibes” is a feel-good disco song that is perfect to spice up your next summer party.

Listen to “Hair Salon Vibes,” our Song Pick of the Day here:

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Neal Francis — Can’t Stop The Rain

Chicago singer, songwriter, and pianist Neal Francis just released the instantly irresistible “Can’t Stop The Rain.” It marks the second single from his upcoming album In Plain Sight, out on Ato Records come November 5th. With its 70s tinged piano and full-blown groovy vibe and the guitar chops of Grammy-winning Derek Trucks, “Can’t Stop The Rain” hits the sweet spot somewhere between Supertramp and Doobie Brothers. When asked about “Can’t Stop The Rain,” Francis says:

I’m owning up to all my problems within my relationships and my sobriety. So much of it is about coming to the understanding that I continue to suffer because of those problems. It’s about acknowledging that and putting it out in the open in order to mitigate the suffering and try to work on it, instead of trying to hide everything.

Listen to “Can’t Stop The Rain,” our Song Pick of the Day, and check out the super cool band video too:

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Ashibah — Me Eyes Only

We are still smack dab in summer in the northern hemisphere, and if you cannot go out to party, a good playlist can bring the action right into your living room. After Monday’s banger by Julia Bhatt, here is another candidate: “Me Eyes Only” by Denmark-based singer, songwriter, and producer Ashibah. The song is about a hot fantasy, and the heavy four-on-the-floor beat may make you want to dance for her too. Ashibah, by the way, is originally from Egypt, where she did many things, among them playing for the national basketball team.

Listen to our Song Pick of the Day, “Me Eyes Only,” on your favorite streaming service or below n Bandcamp:

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The Beautiful Fear — Love Me You

After releasing two brilliant albums, One in 2016 and The Waltz of the Moonshine Blind in 2020, The Beautiful Fear invites us today to “Love Me You,” which we are excited to premiere. Behind the moniker is the British songwriter, singer, guitarist, and producer Matthew Bannister, who divides his time between Brooklyn and Miami. The characteristics of The Beautiful Fear’s music are its epically lush sound, paired with a cinematic and deeply personal narrative, and soothing vocals to get lost in.

In the video “Love Me You,” Bannister appears like some sort of magician who takes us under his spell. The prominently put ticker is a stark reminder that there will be an end to our time on earth visualized in maybe its purest form. Time is literally ticking away. Bannister says about “Love Me You:”

I wrote the song back in the summer of 2014 in rehab in Michigan. Because ‘The Waltz of The Moonshine Blind’ (double album release August 2020) finishes at my arrival at rehab this track didn’t fit that concept. It neither fits the concept of my next album ‘Where Influencers die’ and is, therefore, a single in between these larger narratives.

We remember well the Saturday afternoon in May 2016, when we were lucky to be part of the live performance premiere of “Love Me You.” Back then, in its stripped-down yet not less powerful acoustic version, the song stuck! The more we are happy to premiere the video on glamglare. As with all of The Beautiful Fear’s music, it comes with a deeper meaning, inspiration, and story around it. Bannister reveals:

The rehab center (BRS) had instruments and I was attempting to distract and console another Matthew who detoxing from Oxy. He was in much worse shape than I. I was in for the Cabernets & Bombays etc. The idea and lyrics for the song were born out of conversations we were having about how we had let our partners down with our addiction. Ending up in rehab results in an Everest of shame. The overall idea in the song is simple. You can’t properly love your partner if you don’t love and look after yourself. Ultimately it Is a song dedicated to my best friend and wife Rose.

Bannister continues:

The song was recorded slowly over lockdown with my dear friends and twin brothers Andriy and Vasyl Matsola who are based in Lviv Ukraine. Friends I met when giving a talk on design and representation in Lviv just before Covid kicked off. This three-piece is for lack of a better term “The Beautiful Fear 3.0”. We are currently working on the next album together and it’s going really well.

The universal truth that we must love ourselves first before we can love others together with the irresistible melody and captivating imagery resonated with me deeply. Without further ado, watch “Love Me You,” our Song Pick of the Day and video premiere:

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BNNY — August

“August” radiates the merciless heat of a summer day, which makes you go with the flow and postpone good intentions on another day. It is the latest single from the new album “Everything” by Chicago’s five-piece BNNY. The band’s singer and songwriter Jessica Viscius explains:

“‘August’ is about fleeting summer nights in the hazy heat of Chicago. It’s about knowing what’s best for you and doing the exact opposite. It’s about the lies we tell ourselves to keep going.”

The album “Everything” is out today. Listen to our Song Pick of the Day below:

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