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Mumble Tide, Chillhum, Mayuko, Sister Lucy, Glenn Echo, Emilee Moore and Fair Visions

Seven Fresh Songs #88

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Mayuko — Imaginary Bubbles

In “Imaginary Bubbles,” the acoustic bass guides you through a fantastic, swirling soundscape. This sonic sculpture is created by the German artists Michelle Cheung, Kasia Kadlubowska and Rebecca Mauch, who record as Mayuko. The trio comes from classical music but has turned to electronics and jazz to blend experimental but accessible pop.

The band explains the thought behind the song:

“Imagine strolling through your day riding a visual rainbow of musical notes and seeing the space around you come alive. Let all your perceptions and preconceptions of this world fly out the window and enjoy the music bubbling around you like you’ve never experienced before.”

Listen to our Song Pick of the Day, “Imaginary Bubbles,” on your favorite streaming service or below on Bandcamp:

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Fair Visions — Channel

“Channel” is the newest single from Fair Visions’ upcoming EP Modern Kids. The New York-based post-punk band goes a little darker and maybe even more mysterious on “Channel.” Fair Visions’ sound is inspired by the greatest of the electronic/industrial genre, think New Order or Depeche Mode but they certainly put their own spin on things and “Channel” sounds disarmingly modern and irresistible. We asked frontman Ryan Work about “Channel,” and he says:

I think the song “Channel” has kind of an otherly presence in the scheme of FV music. Darker than we’ve ever gone but also freer than we’ve ever been, really sets it apart in my head. Also holds some vivid memories of stoned, anxiety filled nights in pre-demic Bushwick.”

If you’re in New York, come out to Baby’s All Right on September 1st and see Fair Vision live! Listen to “Channel,” our Song Pick of the Day:

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Emilee Moore — White Mazda Truck

The title “White Mazda Truck” does not prepare you for the deeply emotional ride L.A. singer/songwriter Emilee Moore is about to take you. But it is not unusual that the brain attaches unremarkable details to important memories. In Emilee’s case, it was the car’s make that stuck in her mind during a dramatic last drive home after a breakup.

Listen to our Song Pick of the Day, “White Mazda Truck,” here:

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Chillhum — highspeed

Denver producer and vocalist Chillhum delights with “highspeed,” a beautifully woozy and effortlessly pleasing electropop gem. Asked about the song’s context and message, Ethan Bedell, aka Chillhum, says:

Lyrically, ‘highspeed’ is a song centered around how disorienting it can be as a young person trying to figure out what direction to take with your future, and how this confusion can affect your present life in other ways. As you grow up you are constantly bombarded with the different pathways everyone around you feels are ‘best’, and then at a certain point you are kind of just forced to decide and jump in head first. This song is essentially my perspective on that process — thankfully I am really happy with where I am right now but it all can, without a doubt, still be scary and overwhelming and I think that is something that’s always a part of life.”

Yes, it can be at times very overwhelming, even in older years because unless you’re stuck, you’re constantly moving with important decisions to be made. Chillhum reflects on the music too and continues:

Musically I am really proud of the instrumental work on this one. All of the synths are from the korg minilogue and of course I played the guitar and bass as well — but in this one I am particularly proud of how all the elements compliment each other without being overly complex. The melodic elements all flow really nicely into and out of one another, and also between sections. For this reason I kept this one pretty minimal in terms of things like sound effects or noise sweeps, and tried to give it a more live feel by having the instruments do most of that transitional work. Although that’s not something I plan to do in all my future tracks I’m super proud of how it worked here!

Listen to”highspeed,” our Song Pick of the Day:

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Glenn Echo — Drink up This Fire

Any day is up to a brilliant start with a song as glorious as “Drink Up this Fire,” the new single by Glenn Echo. With a little over two minutes, it might be the shortest track on the artist’s upcoming album Fixed Memory, but every note in “Drink Up This Fire” counts and adds to the song’s magic. The New York-based singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist creates the most enchanting chamber-folk pieces that instantly charm their way into listeners’ ears and linger thanks to their poetic beauty. “Drink Up this Fire” closes on a high note, giving an idea of what an empty fire-holding glass might sound like. What a surprising yet highly satisfying end to a fantastic song!

We asked Matt Gaydar, aka Glenn Echo, about the background to “Drink up This Fire,” and he told us:

This song started as somewhat of a walking meditation, in the morning, strolling around the different small parks in South Brooklyn. I was trying to replicate the physical feeling of getting up and moving through the dynamic progression of the track; starting quiet and pulling out of a dream to an actual rising up in pitch and energy through the slide playing.

Looks like we got the “starting into a new day” part just right. We definitely can see ourselves beginning new days with something as gorgeous as “Drink up This Fire.” Glenn Echo explains further:

The track sonically is heavily inspired by Blake Mills’s record Break Mirrors, with many layers of acoustic guitars, and a warm blown-out slide solo, as well as conceptually inspired by this animated short from Satoshi Kon called Ohayo. It parallels another track on my album “Rising Wide-Eyed” as an opening to a new day. In the flow of the album, which is meant to be the shape of a palindrome, this track signals the midpoint.

We are excited to premiere “Drink Up this Fire,” our Song Pick of the Day:

Pre-order Fixed Memory, out October 15th, and connect with Glenn Echo on Facebook and Instagram.

Sister Lucy — Dream

Sister Lucy is trying hard to measure up to somebody’s dreams until she’s having it in the last third of the song. With “Dream,” Abi Sinclair, the woman behind Sister Lucy, releases her debut single, an infectious indie-rock banger that follows her conflicting emotions musically. We can look forward to more music from her later this year.

Listen to “Dream,” our Song Pick of the Day, here:

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Mumble Tide — Good 4 Me

“Good 4 Me” marks one of those moments of clarity about the lack of clarity in one’s life. Where does this all lead, what is good for me, and what not? Bristol duo Mumble Tide wraps this all in a piece of guitar-heavy bedroom pop with the message that all is not so bad in the end.

“Good 4 Me” is on Mumble Tide’s debut album “Everything Is Ugly”. Watch the video for “Good 4 Me” here:

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