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APRE, ZOO, Bunny X, Em Glasser, ANIQO, talker and Good Posture

Seven Fresh Songs #93

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APRE — You

Experimental duo APRE share “You,” a glorious and engrossing follow-up to their earlier release, the stunning “All Mine.” The newest cut from their upcoming album “A001,” is like a warm, fuzzy blanket that we’d reach out for, now that the weather gets cooler again. The nine-track mixtapes record is scheduled to drop on February 1st, 2022. APRE is Charlie Brown (lead vocals, guitar, drums, keys, synths, bass, programming) and Jules Konieczny (backing vocals, guitar, keys, synths, bass, programming, drums), and Charlie says about “You:”

This is about the realisation that you have to now live your life without the person who made your life worth living. It questions whether it was the right decision to choose to lose someone so dear to me, and the feeling of being alone. I find the coming and going on different relationships and what they bring to our lives fascinating, as we are all fundamentally plagued by loneliness, it’s part of being human.

Listen to “You,” our Song Pick of the Day, and check out the video too:

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Aniqo — Fear

German singer/songwriter Anita Goß aka Aniqo is often drawn to darker topics. Her latest song, a slow-burning track with cues from Pornography-era The Cure, fits right in there: “Fear” is about the primal emotion itself and shows that understanding is the best way to overcome it.

Anita explains:

“‘Fear’ is about dealing with various fears that live within us but are also transported from the outside and can thus be obstacles to our own powerful energetic positive development. I structured the song like a priestly chant — the first part takes over the helping hand that tries to relativize fears which arise mainly in ourselves. It’s an encouragement to not to be irritated by our own little devil or shadow sides that nibbles at our self-confidence and often keeps us from going down new paths. The second part draws attention to the fear that is brought to us by the outside — and which can be significantly responsible for the climate of society. Instrumentally, the song symbolizes running away due to fears — but conversely also the liberation from them.”

Listen to our Song Pick of the Day, “Fear,” on your favorite streaming service or below on SoundCloud:

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Good Posture — Last Time

Don’t know about you but I can not say ‘no’ to a song that makes me feel good from start to finish. As soon as “Last Time” opens with its clear and catchy notes, I am humming along. “Last Time” is the new single by Leipzig-based, U.K.-born multi-instrumentalist, singer, and producer Joel Randles who gears up for his EP Changin’ under his artist name Good Posture. While the song’s melody is utterly joyful, the video filmed and edited by Richard Adam, tells a slightly different story. The clip’s protagonist -Joel Randles- does not find the happy(?) ending we were rooting for but decides that this is it, the last time this is happening, ready to change something.

Asked about his second release from Changin’, Randles says:

Wanting to write something with a higher tempo, this was the first song I had tried in this style, aiming for something more poppy and something you could start dancing to. I was also experimenting with writing catchy choruses which isn’t something I have done in my previous work. Following the theme of change on the EP, the song is a self monologue about always moving around and trying to convince myself that leaving a place is not always the answer, to be more content with what I have.

Listen to “Last Time,” our Song Pick of the Day, and check out the sweet video too:

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Em Glasser — All I Want

Em Glasser moved from Miami Beach to Berlin, Germany, and it is hard to think of two cities more different. On the other hand, that can be a fertile ground for an engaging musical melange. That is what Em does with her new song “All I Want,” when she expresses the desire to dance in a rather cool, Northern European synth-pop track interlaced with funky guitars. What is the song about? Em leaves that to you:

“my goal isn’t for my listeners to understand my story. I want them to grasp their own story, and to interpret my music and lyrics as their own. I want people to feel different things and evoke thoughts that I haven’t had.”

She adds:

“When we seek for love and comfort, we tend to look for it in the arms of our loved ones. We tend to forget that this, in fact, is something we can find in ourselves.”

Listen to our Song Pick of the Day on your favorite streaming service or below on Sound Cloud:

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ZOO — What’s There To Lose

Find Cincinnati-based songwriter Cory Pavlinac as “A Band Called Zoo” or “A Man Called Zoo” on his socials and simply as ZOO on most DSPs. But you would want to find him because the songs he creates are melodic, with an experimental edge and enchant thanks to their relatable little stories. His upcoming full-length album No Man’s Land is out on October 22nd, 2021 via Good Eye Records. On the ten-track album, Pavlinac chronicles his experiences through life, marriage, and as a newly minted dad.

Asked about “What’s There To Lose,” Pavlinac says:

This song was my version of a heartfelt 70s pop ballad — maybe more apparent in the original acoustic version. It’s about having a crisis moment in a relationship where you realize you have to change or it may not last. It’s about taking an honest look at yourself and ways you may be holding onto things that keep you from having a deeper and stronger connection with the one you love.

Listen to “What’s There To Lose,” our Song Pick of the Day:

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talker — Sad Chick

Sometimes things just don’t work out for you. The state of mind that L.A. indie rocker Celeste Tauchar aka talker describes in her new song “Sad Chick” is familiar probably to many of us. But instead of letting it go, she packs some serious punch into her music, and that alone can help you get onto your feet again.

Celeste says about the song:

“The song is a self-aware, tongue-in-cheek acceptance of that reality. No, I haven’t changed my clothes in three days. No, I can’t find my keys and haven’t left my house in a while. But it’s also a song of liberation — it’s absolutely okay to feel like this sometimes and just accept things as they are.”

Watch the video for “Sad Chick” here:

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Bunny X — Young & In Love

Earlier this week, New York-based Synthwave/Italo disco duo Bunny X released their highly awaited debut album Young & In Love via Aztec Records. We dig all the tracks on the nostalgia-tinged and oh-so-dance-ready album and decided to feature the album’s title track, because -who doesn’t remember the feeling of being “Young & In Love?” Everything is still possible and yours for the taking and then life comes in between.

But before we get all doomy and gloomy, we rather quickly think back at August 2019, when Bunny X kicked off the glamglare party at Lower East Side’s Coney Island Baby, now East of Berlin. Little did we know that this would remain the last show we’ve curated -until now. We fondly remember that we could gather two hot Italy disco-style acts Bunny X and Late Guest At The Party, as well as the sensational Finnish electro-pop act Beverly Girl. A New York night to remember, including the heavy thunderstorm, but most importantly the sexy, dancefloor music and the friendly vibe all around.

Asked about “Young & In Love,” the album, Abigail says:

We wanted to take our listeners back to a time when music connected with us in a passionate and relatable way. These tracks pay tribute to what made 80s music so special — the fact that it was delivered in an earnest and unironic way.

The retro wave 10-track list of Young & In Love brings Bunny X together with synthwave stalwarts Sellorekt/LA Dreams and Don Dellpiero, NYC-based producer Gosteffects and GRAMMY award-winning engineer, Tony Lake.

Listen to “Young & In Love”, our Song Pick of the Day, and continue with the entire album:

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