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Seven Fresh Songs #96

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Notelle — Turnover Rate

Stephanie Middleton aka Notelle is a Nashville-based singer/songwriter who we love here at glamglare. Her gritty brand of pop music does not shy away to peek into the darker sides of life. Notelle’s latest song, “Turnover Rate,” adds some Garbage-vibes with a fuzzy guitar while it is putting a spotlight on destructive behaviors that some people show:

Notelle explains:

“I’ve known people throughout my life that refuse to grow. They’re self-centered, self-serving, and self-destructive. Everyone knows someone like this, so I’m not unique in that — but I’ve known my fair share. Some of them I’ve dated, some of them I’ve stayed away from, but this song is really about watching those people continue their broken cycles of living, you know? Like wash, rinse, repeat their toxicity.”

She adds about her intention:

“It’s not a spiteful track, and it’s not coming from a place of pain. It’s simply an honest description of what this person does, how they do it, and why. This narrator doesn’t want revenge; it’s just a spotlight.”

Listen to our Song Pick of the Day on your favorite streaming service or below on YouTube:

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Cuffed Up — Terminal

Earlier this year, we came across Los Angeles-based indie-rock quartet Cuffed Up and featured them in our Videos of the Week series. Now they landed on our radar again with “Terminal,” another fantastic song albeit far more gripping video. It’s not something I enjoy watching, but that might be exactly the point. Lead singer Ralph Torrefranca says about the song:

“Terminal” is the most personal song I’ve ever written. I suffer from serious health OCD that is borderline crippling at times. I wanted to write a song that projects the anxiety & irrational thoughts that my body & mind go through during my worst “episodes.”

He explains further about the video:

Brian had such a great vibe to be around! He turned our long shooting day into a really fun hang and played the doctor perfectly. Between his cameo and Ben Mehlman’s unique direction for the video, we’re proud of how it turned out!

“Terminal” can be found on Cuffed Up’s excellent EP, which they worked on together with producer Brad Wood (Touché Amoré, Smashing Pumpkins, Liz Phair.) The result is a swirling post-punk with lots of shimmering guitars, high-energy bass and drums, and fascinating vocal deliveries. We dig “Asymmetry” and “Terminal” in particular. Listen to “Terminal,” our Song Pick of the Day:

Alewya — Play

“Don’t mind if I play.” London-based singer/songwriter Alewya invites you to have some fun in her new track “Play.” The song celebrates the joy of living with love and dance, while the music keeps you on edge with tribal drums and heavy bass lines. After all, all good play needs a bit of danger. Alewya says:

“‘Play’ is a song about my love and gratitude for pleasure and play and how it has and can unlock deeper feelings of connections. It’s overtly feminine and innately primal and most of all light and fun!”

Watch the video directed by Alewya together with Jack Bowden:

Listen to our Song Pick of the Day, “Play,” on your favorite streaming service and connect with Alewya on Facebook or Instagram.

Chime School — Wait Your Turn

We dig the heavy dose of 60s nostalgia in Chime School’s latest single, the lovely and moody “Wait Your Turn.” The track is also part of the upcoming self-titled album Chime School, due November 5th via Slumberland Records. The accompanying music video picks up the vibe of “Wait Your Turn” pretty well and is as pleasant to watch as the song is to listen to. Chime school is the project of San Francisco-based musician Andy Pastalaniec.

Check out “Wait Your Turn,” our Song Pick of the Day:

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la loye — White Summer

In her quote below, Dutch singer/songwriter Lieke Heusinkveld aka la loye reveals that she does not like summer much, for unclear reasons. Her new song “White Summer” details these feelings in a beautiful, shimmering, and slow-building pop song. Maybe she will find her appreciation for the warm season. Maybe not, as she explains:

“I’ve never really felt comfortable in summer. I can often feel very gloomy and melancholic during this particular time of the year and it always seems to create a distance between me and the rest of the world. As if everything is covered in a layer of thick white mist, making it difficult to connect with anything or anyone besides myself. On ‘white summer’ I’m sort of torn between trying to reconnect and accepting that this feeling might be a part of who I am.”

Listen to our Song Pick of the Day on Apple Music or Spotify or below on SoundCloud:

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The Delines — Little Earl

It does not often happen that a song makes me cry halfway through, especially not since I had listened to “Little Earl” two times prior without shedding any tears. Maybe because I was on a bus, perhaps because I didn’t entirely focus and didn’t watch the accompanying video, which picks up the song’s mood exquisitely. The new single by Oregon’s The Delines is one of those pieces that enchant you with its beautifully moody melody, and then they really get to you with the song’s lyrics and the underlying story. Add gorgeous instrumentation and spectacular vocals, and ready is a song for the ages. Let’s hear what songwriter and guitarist Willy Vlautin (Richmond Fontaine) says about the song:

“Little Earl” was one of the first tracks I brought to ‘The Sea Drift’ rehearsal sessions, and as it turns out the one that helped create the sound and feel of the entire record. It’s a soul/Tony Joe White inspired groove, and Cory Gray’s horn and string arrangements set the cinematic tone for two brothers who get in a shoplifting-gone-wrong incident at a mini-mart outside of Port Arthur, Texas. I love songs that just drop you in the middle of a scene and that’s what we tried to do here.

They tried and they accomplished what they set out to do, because “Little Earl” is magnificent! Aside from Willy Vlautin, The Delines are comprised of vocalist Amy Boone (The Damnations TX), keyboardist and trumpeter Cory Gray, drummer Sean Oldham, bassist Freddie Trujillo.

Listen to “Little Earl,” our Song Pick of the Day, and make sure to watch the cinematic video too:

“Little Earl” is taken from the album The Sea Drift, out February 11, 2022, which you can pre-order here. Connect with The Delines on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Jeannel — Horses

At glamglare, we have been fans of Berlin-based singer, songwriter, and producer Jeannel for a long time, and we are still bummed that we could not see her playing at our (canceled) SXSW 2020 showcase. Her bold approach to R&B evokes an excitement similar to an early FKA twigs song. In her latest single, “Horses,” she goes even a step further: sounds (and soundbites) are disjointed at first. But when the song goes on, everything falls together in place with her voice and forms a unique sonic experience.

Jeannel says about the song:

“It is a love song to the child that feels different and misunderstood. It draws back to my upbringing, digging deeper towards the whole-hearted experience we all want, while documenting the unspoken and unfelt journey towards healing.”

Listen to our Song Pick of the Day, “Horses,” on your favorite streaming service or below on SoundCloud:

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