Song Picks of the Day 16.31

Stalgia are Lauren Day and Brandon Leslie who make music together in L.A. “In The Trees” is a sensually track full of rich electronic textures and snappy beats (and some down-pitched vocals, which seem hard to avoid these days). I like it how the instrumentation constantly changes and of course Lauren’s wonderfully laid back vocal delivery.

From the start, there’s no escape and falling for “Hollandia” is unavoidable! The new single by Manchester quintet Ethan & The Reformation, is one irresistibly hot, fuzzy alt-rock gem with wistfully raspy vocals, steady beats and stellar guitar work. “Hollandia” comes with a clear 60s vibe yet so fresh and modern and simply totally mesmerizing. No wonder that an agency took note of “Hollandia” and put it to great use in a commercial, featuring a hot male super model, promoting vitamins. The track carries a certain urgency, laced with an inevitable, glorious determination. Feel it for yourself and listen to “Hollandia”, our Song Pick of Tuesday.

“You loved Me, You Killed Me” is a quiet and sad song about the end of a relationship. “I loved mysteries until you became one” she sings about the moment when one realizes that love comes to an end. The songs builds up beautifully, from the sparse, intimate guitar melody to the brass orchestra which comes out of nowhere, just to fade away again. Odina, Blanca Romeo in real life, moved to London from Barcelona and has an EP “Broken” out now.

Listening to “Waters of You” evokes the feeling of walking on an empty beach, on a warm, not too hot, Summer day, bright sunlight glistening through the waves when it starts to drizzle, just lightly, the sweet water drops mixing with the saltwater ones, when you are setting one bare foot in front of the other, enjoying the feeling to just “be”. So minimalistic and gorgeous! This new single by inc. no world (formerly inc. and Teen Inc.) is unbelievably beautiful without being a glossy, hook-laden pop song. Instead, “Waters of You” impresses through its calm guitar driven flow, slightly off-kilter beats, calm vocals, flowing, gliding, making its way until the mesmerizing climax from where on, there’s only one thing left to do: to start all over again!

Norwegian artist Jenny Hval is usually not an easy listen and her high concept work tends to leave you intentionally baffled and confused. “Conceptual Romance” has a lot of that too, but it also adds some almost friendly and melodic elements, which makes this track easier to access and suited for a Song Pick of Friday. It is the second single off Jenny’s upcoming album “Blood Witch”, which will be an “investigation of blood”.

“Bumpy Road” is an irresistibly catchy pop-gem, upbeat and instantly happiness inducing. It is the latest track by Icelandic singer, songwriter and producer Hildur, who fans also know from her band Rökkurró. “Bumpy Road” is electro-pop at its best, and our Song Pick of Saturday.

Hildur is scheduled to play this year’s Iceland Airwaves and we’re hoping to seeing her there. More about Hildur on her Airwaves 2016 bio page.

Our Song Pick of Sunday is a song by Linying from Singapore: her latest track “Alpine” starts quiet, almost inaudible and then soars into big, chills-inducing ballad and maybe she had a sunrise in the mountains in mind, when she chose the title. Linying is working on an EP “Paris 12”, hopefully out later this year.