Song Picks of The Day 16.33

“Won’t Break” is like an impressionistic painting, created with the softer tones of the color palette, with steady strokes yet light and pleasing at the same time. And so, this new single by CHELAN is a gorgeous and slowly but steady pulsating indie synthpop gem. CHELAN, (pronounced “sh-lan”) are Jennifer Grady and Justin Hosford, who broadened their duo ties and have added drummer Chad Austinson as a permanent member in 2015. The trio is located in Joshua Tree, California and will release their fifth full-length album come August 26.

Alpines are Catherine Pockson and Bob Matthews, a duo from London. Our Song Pick of Tuesday, “Heaven” matches Catherine’s soulful vocals with electronics and a relentless hand drum beat. Something doesn’t fit together here, but that makes the track so intriguing. It is the first single from their second album “Another River” out on October 28th.

“Destroy You” is a breathtakingly fantastic indie-rock track, with an undeniable Radiohead vibe to it, think earlier days Radiohead, think “Paranoid Android” and then you have the coolness factor of “Destroy You” right here right there! This powerful, psychedelic, grungey instant indie-rock classic marks the debut single of London trio MÅNTRA and is our Song Pick of Wednesday!

“I don’t even think that your songs are about me”, Allie McDonald, one half of the L.A.duo Exes, complains. There was probably not much to save in this relationship, but she and her band mate Mike Derenzo can still write an excellent song about it. “Like You” is an elegant, stripped down-electro pop track that avoids too much sugar and goes more into an experimental direction.

The duo is called Chelsey and the Noise and the song “Graveyard” and they mean it. That becomes clear in the first seconds, when a distorted church bell is joined by noisy guitar riffs. Like Gazelle Twin or Fever Ray, Chelsey and the Noise master the art of creating unsettling, horror-leaning, experimental songs that still maintain a degree of accessibility. Then there is singer Chelsey Hice, vocally not too far away from Fever Ray’s Karin Dreijer-Andersson who adds weirdness and intensity. The entire EP “Losing Landscape”, out today on Bandcamp, is brilliant, but so far “Graveyard” is my favorite because of the way it builds from a disturbing, heavy piece into something that almost resembles a pop song.

Listening to dozens of new bands and even more new music each day, it happens that something falls through the cracks but luckily never too far down to not get noticed again. “Overrun” is one of the tracks, that I initially overlooked. A mistake, an inexcusable almost, because “Overrun” is an incredible guitar loaded indie-rock gem with irresistibly warm and rich vocals, atmospheric beats and an overall beautifully addictive, faintly 80s reminiscent vibe. “Overrun” is the latest single by indie-rockers ACRYLIC calling formerly Edinburgh and now Glasgow in Scotland their home.

Here on the northern hemisphere we are in full summer mode, so we gladly take this track by the Queensland, Australia brother/sister duo Glider Pilots to celebrate the bliss of the season. “Shoreline’s a magnet, it keeps pulling me” singer Samantha Hope declares dreamily to shimmering synth lines and gentle beats. If you’re going to the beach or just want to dream of it, our Song Pick of Sunday the is perfect soundtrack for you.