Song Picks of the Day 16.34

A song that starts out with “Stop all the clocks / I’ll be with you / You’re all that I think about” has won my heart already, so beautiful! And then there is everything else of course, the smooth production, the infectious vibe, the rich vocals and the cool effects in this gorgeous synth pop track. Oh… the song is called “About You” and marks the latest single by London quartet Colouring. Listen to “About You”, our Song Pick of Monday, and be ready to sing along — yes, that infectious and that good.

Our Song Pick of Tuesday is “I Can See It Clear” by the L.A. singer/songwriter Katie Burden. She has been around for a while on both coasts and in the middle and is now ready to release her debut full length “Strange Moon” on September 16. “I Can See It Clear” has guitars, a playful pianos and takes a few unexpected turns. I’m looking forward to listen to the album.

Big anthem set-up? Check! Massive sweeping synths sound? Check! Highly infectious? Uplifting? Irresistible? Check, check and check! “Rust To Gold” the title track of Council‘s recently released five-track EP is one these songs, while maybe a bit over-the-top, is just so catchy, one can’t help but feel good.

Council is the musical project of twins Doug (drums) and Andy (guitar) as well as their younger brother Patrick Reeves (vocals/bass), calling Baldwinsville, between Buffalo and Albany in Upstate New York their hometown. But no place is too small or too out of the way — if the music is cool — for a band not to be discovered and in the case of this trio they can bring big names to the table who helped shaping and producing the sound (details in their Soundcloud bio). “Rust To Gold” is our Song Pick of Wednesday.

Here is exciting new music from Berlin, where Anna Sharifi, originally from Denmark, took quarter to let herself be inspired by the electronic music scene. Although, I would not call “You Owe Me”, our Song Pick of Thursday, electronic music: it generates much of its drama from the acoustic drums, the piano and of course Anna’s powerful vocals. Think a less synthetic version of Portishead. More of this is on Anna Sharifi’s EP “A New Me”, out now on Bandcamp.

Club Drive balances the often delicate act between infectious pop and earthy rock beautifully with their debut single “Dangerous”. The tune comes with a big sweeping, anthemic chorus full on with strings and all, yet at the same time stays grounded with beats and guitar riffs rooted in solid rock music with a little bit of funk thrown in. And then there are these really cool, rich falsetto vocals by singer Aaron Trowbridge that lend the song extra sparkle. “Dangerous” is our Song Pick of Friday.

Hm… yes, it’s that time of year again, and there’s now even a song for it too: “Hurricane Season” by Flight Brigade. Ahead of their debut album “Our Friends Our Enemies” due mid October, Flight Brigade offer a big sweeping stunner of a song with “Hurricane Season”. They don’t lose any time because the track grabs you from its very first beat, draws you into a whirlwind of instruments and voices and beautifully blends pop elements with edgier, rougher rock pieces into one gorgeous song.

Consisting of seven band members and creating big anthemic indie-rock, it comes as no surprise that comparisons with Arcade Fire or Of Monsters And Man are being made but this has very well also to do with their music’s caliber and its huge likability.

“Make Love, Live Free” is good advice and with that London/L.A. singer/producer Kyiki moves away from the nocturnal gloom of her earlier single [“Here For”}( “Make Love, Live Free” is a more upbeat song, but she uses a slightly awkward beat to keep it from slipping too much into pop territory. The track will released on September 19 and unfortunately there is no word yet of a EP or full length album.

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