Song Picks of the Day 16.2

“I’m a sucker for you” sing The Hubbards on “Cold Cut”, the single for their upcoming EP. Well, what can I say, I am a sucker for UK indie rock, and The Hubbards create the perfect mix of pleasant pop and intriguingly smart and well crafted alt rock. Listen to “Cold Cut” our Song Pick of the Monday and let’s check out the EP once it is out.

“Bare” is a song by the London band Wildes, which has with Ella Walker only one member. It is a slow-building track full of melancholy and you will have Ella’s voice in your head long after it has finished. “Bare” is our Song Pick of the Tuesday.

“Where The Hell Are All My Friends” is one of those synths pop songs that instantly embrace you with a pleasing melody and great hooks yet the lyrics stand in stark contrast with the mellow vibe when Paul Klein starts singing “Have I started to hate California, why am I in LA, 40 million in California, no one cares if I stay”.

Definitely check out this latest song by LA three-piece LANY, it’s a stunner and our Song Pick of the Wednesday.

Our Song Pick of Thursday comes from New York duo Overcoats. They do folk music with vocal harmonies and then they do not. Curious? Check out their latest single ”Nightime Hunger”.

Our Song Pick of the Friday is posted from SXSW and comes from an artist, who does not play here, but should be: Finland via Germany singer/songwriter Lyel with her third track “Shadow”.

We capped off SXSW with the sister duo and our Song Pick of Saturday presents another one: the Banuelos sisters from Milwaukee, who perform and record now as Reyna. “Ink on my Skin” is an upbeat pop song with beach party vibe.

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