Song Picks of the week 15.43

Early this year, I came across an exciting young band from Sydney, Australia, and was lucky enough to having caught them live during Austin’s SXSW. Mansionair were live as thrilling as recorded and the three just released a new song, featuring once again Jack’s beautiful falsetto. Listen to our Song Pick of Monday Speak Easy and dream a little…

Tuesday’s Song Pick of the Day is a big, sweeping pop song from L.A. duo Pr0file’s. A full album is coming next year.

The fangirl in me can’t help but admire all she does. She is Mackenzie Scott who goes by TORRES and who’s currently touring with Garbage — Together they played Kings Theatre in Brooklyn last Saturday, and after having seen TORRES in a church (Austin, TX), at Baby’s All Right and also at Mercury Lounge, it was interesting to see what she did on a big stage! As for Garbage? I did see them 25 years ago, playing exactly the album they are now touring with. So, listen to TORRES’ stunning version of Garbage’s Special our Song Pick of Wednesday.

Merry Ellen Kirk likes her songs to start slow and then build up. That’s what also happens in Ever After, our Song Pick of Thursday. Her album We Are The Dreamers will be out tomorrow and it’s a beautiful pop record with slight folk touches.

Eleanor by the UK band Wayde is in rotation of my new favorite songs for last couple of months and now it’s time to make it our Song Pick of Friday. Enjoy a hauntingly beautiful track with grunge elements, great vocals and a cool hook. Can’t wait to hear MORE from Wayde.

Good to hear something new from New York band Autodrone: Thunderbolt is a beautifully dark, melancholic track, right in time for fall. Our Song Pick of Saturday.

The Song Pick of Sunday is from the “Why did I miss this at ‪CMJ‬?” department. After the excellent EP Real Virtual UnisonNegative Gemini has released a new delightful track You Never Knew.

What’s your take? If you enjoyed the music, please click on the “Recommend” button below. Thanks, and lots of love from Brooklyn!

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