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Please, Take Care of Yourself This Week

It might be rough.

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For any US citizens out there, or anyone living within the boundaries of the United States of America, or even someone concerned about the fate of the world, listen in. This week will be tough.

Even if we triumph — if the orange-y, anthropomorphized gasket of toxic masculinity we know as POTUS is removed from office — it’s likely we won’t know until much later into the week (or even the month). Disinformation and fake news may spread like wildfire. Doctored images of discarded ballots may flood your newsfeeds. It may be difficult to hold onto what’s real and what’s true.

And if we lose, which according to polls is still possible, don’t lose hope, no matter how hard it may be. Remember, being optimistic does not mean ignoring reality. It means seeing the good and trying to modify the bad. Optimism is never easy, no one said it is. It’s a choice we all make.

So…what can we do?

On Tuesday, vote. But don’t just vote. Take these other steps to protect the fate of our US elections. If you’re not in love with Biden, that’s okay. You’re not just voting for him. You’re voting for federal judge appointees. Senators. Representatives. Local leaders. You’re voting to honor the legacy of Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

I want you to have a plan for Election night and for this week in general. Surround yourself with loved ones or good snacks or wine or trashy reality TV shows on your DVR. Or shut off your phone and deactivate Twitter. Whatever personal coping mechanism you have is valid. Take care of yourself.

I cannot tell you I know what will happen on Election night or the days following. I cannot say if it will be a smooth transition of power from a racist authoritarian to a moderate. I cannot say if gerrymandering and voter suppression will prevail. My crystal ball has been cloudy for a while now.

Whatever happens on November 3rd, remember what KylaB writes, “even in dark times, in the worst situations possible, you will be brave and beautiful.”

But I have hope. Poll numbers are on our side. Voter turnout is up. Texas may turn blue. Voters are turning out in droves to stand up for what’s right. I have hope.

I hope you do too.




Ditch the doom scroll.

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A queer, herbivorous, leftist Viking. I write about society, justice, and popular media. UChicago grad. Based in Iceland.

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