Why You Can’t Steal From The Blockchain

Imagine a burglar comes to your home, puts a gun a gun to your face, and demands you give them all of your money. This is robbery.

Let’s say your 4-year-old nephew sneaks into your bedroom while you are asleep and takes $5 from your wallet on the nightstand. That is theft.

Now, picture this: someone comes along and retrieves your private key to your Bitcoin account via your e-mail. This is not theft. This is confiscation.

You see, there are many rules on the blockchain, but only one is the law: Code. If someone possesses your private key or a set of private keys, even if you are ultra-secure with a multi-sig wallet, then they are entitled to your Bitcoin. That’s the rule of Bitcoin. There is no party that can reverse that transaction. There are no regulatory authorities who can come in with the police and a court order to issue your money back. Code is law.

The name of the game? Protect your private key. If anyone discovers this key, they have the right to confiscate your funds. The same goes for all blockchain technology, including the new and popular Ethereum. However, with Ethereum, if you can get enough people to agree you were stolen from and have a lot of money, you can use consensus to potentially get you Ether back… but probably not.

That is why we made Glass Hunt. Glass Hunt is a community for developers to find exploits we hid for others inside contracts. And sometimes, contracts get uploaded whose exploits we didn’t even know existed.

We do this because we need more developers thinking like hackers so that immutable contracts and other code that involves the blockchain can be more secure. This code will come out more resilient because it originates from people who thought about how that exact code might, and should, be attacked.

We are an agent of hack, not change.

People have always wanted to take your funds. That hasn’t changed. That will never change. Although, what has changed is the fact that no legal authority can roll back what has happened on the blockchains (as of yet).

Glass Hunt is where developers come to hack, learn, and build. Here, we award Glass tokens and other perks such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrency to curious minds.

Each contract is a mark. Each line of code, a play. Every coder, a smooth operator trading technique with Brad Pitt and Danny Ocean.

Glass Hunt is your heist. Welcome.