Glasswall has a new kid on the block!

Matt Dignum
Nov 29, 2019 · 2 min read

As a company one of the areas that we have been lacking in, is having an accessible way for people to trial the Glasswall d-FIRST Engine.

Up until now the only way to use Glasswall has been either by signing up for a trial of our SaaS platform or using our SDK to create an application.

All that is about to change with the release of the Glasswall File Drop website. Users can now drag and drop files onto the new web page to have them analysed and protected by the Glasswall d-FIRST Engine.

Under the hood

We have two separate components which make up the website.

Firstly, we have a .NET Core API running in a Docker image hosted on Azure functions. This API hosts the Glasswall d-FIRST engine, handling the analysis of the inputted file and outputting an XML report of Glasswall’s findings. It also handles the protecting of the file, removing any active content and repairing any structural issues there may be.

Secondly, we have a React application running in a docker container hosted on Azure App Services. This is the front end of the website, and handles the file input, displaying the results, and allowing the user to download the protected file.

The deployment of the two components is all handled via Azure DevOps. CI builds creates the docker images and push them to our Azure Container Registry. Release definitions then deploy the latest docker images to our 2 Azure Services.

How to use it

To give the new File Drop website a try visit Glasswall File Drop.

Currently due to the limitations on resources we can only handle files up to 20MB and only file types supported by the Glasswall d-FIRST Engine:

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