AUTIT: Building The Intelligent Supply Chain

While just in time has been popularized in manufacturing operations since the 70s, supply chains are still far from being intelligently optimized. That is about to change with AUTIT, a new startup bringing AI to supply chain management, focused initially on parts management.

When I first met Paul, JR and George — co-founders of AUTIT — it was obvious that they intimately understood supply chain market dynamics and knew how to create a transformative solution, starting with parts management (a $500Bn opportunity!). Leveraging Paul’s deep understanding of the problem and forward-thinking vision, complemented by JR and George’s technical acumen in AI startups, the team created a unique product to help manufacturers standardize and optimize parts inventory, enabling them to save millions and increase operations reliability.

However, the team’s vision is much bigger than standardized and optimized parts inventory.

They aim to expand beyond parts into entire supply chains, making them holistically intelligence-enabled. In the future, supply chains can say goodbye to the bullwhip effect and say hello to AI-enabled efficiency from production to end consumer.

This is why I am thrilled to announce that Glasswing Ventures has teamed up with our friends at Zetta Venture Partners to co-lead AUTIT’s Seed investment round. We are all looking forward to empowering Paul, JR, George and the team to create intelligent supply chains across sectors.

Welcome to the Glasswing family!