International Women’s Day 2019: Perspectives on Building a Gender-Balanced World

By the Glasswing Team

This year’s International Women’s Day includes voices from across the globe rallying to “build a gender-balanced world.” At Glasswing, we are embracing the IWD theme #BalanceForBetter which carries both broad and individual meaning to all the women in the Glasswing Platform. Today’s world demands balance, especially in the working world. Balance is not a women’s issue; it’s a business issue.
At Glasswing, a majority women-led firm, we are committed to building a gender-balanced world and are actively supporting women at the highest levels. We are proud to say that 37% of our advisors are women, and 35% of the executives and leaders in our portfolio companies are women, a percentage that is significantly higher than what is typical for the technology industry. 
In addition to supporting the women in our ecosystem, Glasswing is committed to working with young women right from the start of their formative career stages by encouraging and inspiring them to participate in the world of venture capital, startups, and technology innovation. We are excited to be actively involved at the university level, providing an opportunity to positively influence career paths and we look forward to expanding our efforts and keeping you posted on new developments in the coming months.
As a part of our International Women’s Day celebration, we asked the women of the Glasswing Platform to share their perspectives on #BalanceForBetter, and what that means to each of them and we are sharing their thoughts today on @GlasswingVC. We are proud to raise our collective voices on International Women’s Day and to promote a gender-balanced world, from the classroom to the boardroom.