Plannuh: An Elegant Solution For Intelligent Marketing

Frontier technologies are rapidly advancing how marketers operate day-to-day, yet the tools for planning and tracking budgets still rely on disparate spreadsheets and cumbersome workflows.

Having experienced this pain firsthand as CMO of a large enterprise, Peter Mahoney, co-founder and CEO, and Dan Faulkner, co-founder and CTO, of Plannuh set out to address this opportunity with new AI-enabled planning tools. Plannuh provides a holistic solution for the entire marketing organization — marketers at all levels can intelligently plan around their goals and coordinate the execution toward those goals, ultimately driving ROI.

Peter and Dan created a disruptive, yet elegant solution to a real problem and we are proud to announce that Glasswing Ventures has invested in Plannuh as part of our Pre-Seed Program!

To read Peter’s blog post, click here.