You see a thing, but how do you really see it?


You see a thing, but how do you really see it? Of course, the light rays bouncing and your receptors (eyes) and then relayed deep into your brain, yes, yes, yes…but how do you really see anything? Two people watch a candidate on television and one is overwhelmed with admiration while the other is repulsed. Didn’t they see the same thing? The artist, the true artist, has always attempted to go beyond the flat reflection bouncing off reality and into the mind. The true artist has reached for interpretations of reality, for moods and tones suggestive of raw emotive power, for lightpaths to God, if you will. Through multiple searchings, through pointalism, dadaism, cubism, abstract, pop, retro (Dali), neo, happenings, and many other noble experiments, artists have reached for the golden plum of knowledge… searching the many ways that humanity can know divinity, and in so doing, themselves. There is a something in nothingness. The first book of the Tao alludes to it. The bible describes it through reference…that which was before the word, which was in the beginning. But what was the word, if not the very essence of created existence’s attempt to return to God? At last we come to an art form that reaches the high levels of consciousness only known to the Buddhists in their eternal quest to merge with the infinite ocean and with the Hindus in their endless churning wheel of life…nay, even (dare I say it?) with the Papists in their dreams of transubstantiation and eternal life. Why is it that the things most simple and true are most subject to ridicule? At its highest level, invisible art, by the very fact of its non-existence, must be close enough to the hem of God’s flowing garments to be within touching range. At least, there are those to whom it would seem so. Who are you, then, to laugh? Do you know better, see better, understand more? Have you climbed higher mountains, submerged yourself to deeper depths? What new art forms have you, yourselves created? If these questions are met with heavy silence, move over, prepare yourselves, for invisibility is about to ascend to the throne and nothing art to become king.


the holy trinity: You see a thing, but how do you really see it? Of course, the light…

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