Dual-Track Agile, But Easier

Putting continuous discovery into practice

On this blog, we’ve often discussed the important difference between “product discovery” and “product delivery”. The former answers the question “What should we build?”, while the latter answers “How should we build it?”.

Even in 2019, too many product management teams jump right into product delivery, which can turn you into a feature factory. Most of the software tools out there are centered around product delivery. The easy way to tell is whether the central visual output looks like a Gantt chart…it focuses on who, when, and how, but not the all-important why.

GLIDR has always been focused on product discovery, but our users had to make a jump out of GLIDR and into their product delivery tool of choice once they had identified the next product or feature they had prioritized to build.

No longer!

We’re happy to announce an important new integration between GLIDR and one of the leading product delivery tools out there: Jira by Atlassian.

Jira is the peanut butter to our chocolate. It’s a natural fit and a lot of our customers have been asking for this integration.

The best product management workflow, as we see it, is to have continuous discovery layered on top of your delivery process. Looking at the dual track agile sketch below, GLIDR is your team’s dedicated product discovery tool. Jira is the dedicated product delivery tool. Whenever your team feels that it has sufficiently validated a given product idea, it can send the GLIDR “Idea” to Jira as an Epic or Story. Development can then get started on the validated idea.

Then, once the feature is live, the engineering team can capture bug reports or user feedback and pass it on to GLIDR as an Idea. In this way, a continuous discovery/delivery loop is created.

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Connect your workflow, from roadmap to implementation

Companies used to struggle with getting the right data. These days, a bigger issue is connecting that data so that it can fuel better analysis and deeper insights.

Now you can break down silos between your product and engineering teams with a two-way integration that syncs everything happening in Jira and GLIDR. Automatically transfer relevant data fields and keep up with information as it evolves in each application.

Bring the “why” with you and ensure product knowledge isn’t forgotten during handoffs

Too often, the engineering team feels like new products and features are simply “thrown over the wall” by the product team. Engineering feels like they haven’t been brought into the product discovery process early enough, so they don’t understand why the roadmap looks the way it does.

Support Ideas throughout the entire product development process by viewing connected GLIDR Evidence in Jira. Maintain context as ideas become features and share direct customer feedback with engineers.

Monitor the status of your build process within GLIDR

Visualize every Idea’s journey from initial planning phases in GLIDR to eventual feature development in Jira. Monitor changes as they happen and stay connected to customer feedback, with relevant GLIDR Evidence always in view.

Work the way you want, without holding back your product

Does your engineering team love to use the product team’s tools? Does the product team love to use the engineering team’s tools? Probably not.

Let some teams work in GLIDR and others work in Jira. Integrate to accommodate different work preferences and have team members contribute from where they’re happiest, without sacrificing overall product knowledge.

How does it work?

With the GLIDR ↔ Jira two-way integration, you can connect your product roadmap and discovery to your implementation in just a few clicks, while speeding up product development and increasing visibility across teams.

Send GLIDR Ideas to Jira as an Epic or Story and streamline the transition from planning to development. Or, send Jira Issues to GLIDR to create new Ideas from bugs, feedback or anything else you discover during the development process.

Improve the way your team moves from initial idea to fully-developed feature with shared product knowledge that includes everything you’ve learned along the way.

Solve the product-engineering gap once and for all. Try GLIDR for free and if you’re a Jira user, install the integration and learn more from our Help Center. (



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