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Today we are launching our newest tier, GLIDR Business, designed for mid-sized businesses looking to manage multiple products with increased admin control. GLIDR Business lets you work on up to 8 projects, bringing your product discovery to the center of your full product portfolio.

8 Projects

As companies grow and evolve, many product teams become structured around individual products in a portfolio or large and complex features within the same product. Whether you have one team per product or are using the Spotify Squads & Tribes model, GLIDR Business lets you work on up to 8 different products so you can manage everything in one place.

Admins can add a new project by simply opening the navigation bar on the left side of the screen, and clicking the plus sign next to ‘ALL PROJECTS’.

More Viewer Accounts

With more projects comes more accountability and stakeholders, so GLIDR Business accounts can invite up to 10,000 Viewers into their organization. This will give the ability for all necessary stakeholders to view or comment on the work being done in GLIDR, and improve transparency and collaboration on product strategy and roadmapping prioritization.

Admins can invite Viewers through the Team Management page.

Admin Tools

As you add more teams and users to GLIDR, it is important to maintain good administrative practices. GLIDR Business provides additional control settings to help you do this. In addition to PDF reports of any idea, discovery task or piece of evidence, GLIDR Business allows you to export a full CSV of all your project data. This provides an excellent backup or archive of projects that are completed, so you never lose that information, and helps teams conduct product retrospectives more easily. Organization Owners can also now see who has logged in to GLIDR, and what actions they have taken through Access Logs.

Get down to business and unlock these great features by upgrading to GLIDR Business!



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