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GLIDR Now Integrates with Trello

Tighten Your Product Discovery/Delivery Loops

🆕 GLIDR <> Trello integration

We’re excited to announce our latest integration: Trello! It’s one of the most commonly used project management tools out there, especially amongst fans of Kanban-style visualization. It lets teams work collaboratively on different projects and tasks, regardless of the type of work they are doing.

The new GLIDR/Trello integration bridges the gap between product management teams and development teams using Trello to track delivery activities. It also makes GLIDR your hub for connecting aggregated product knowledge, making sure the data behind the decisions are not lost in the process.

GLIDR’s new integration works with the free version of Trello, so any Trello users can take advantage of it. GLIDR users must be on the Team plan or above. More details here.

We also already have an integration with another member of the Atlassian family: Jira (learn more about our Jira integration here). So dedicated Atlassian fans now have two great reasons to try GLIDR to bring evidence to your product management and roadmap workflow.

Connect Product Management and Development Workflows

Zen your product development flow 〰️

While your Product team is working on figuring out what to build, your Engineers are working hard to actually build and execute on new features for your product. Those two workflows, the discovery and delivery, can be pretty separate depending on the tools, location and direction given to each team. However, it is really critical for discovery and delivery to be aligned so we know we are building features and products that truly meet the user need.

Integrating GLIDR and Trello breaks down these silos to connect the work your Product and Design teams are doing in GLIDR to the work your Engineers are doing in Trello. When product and development teams can close this discovery/delivery loop like this, it makes it far easier to put continuous discovery into practice successfully. We chatted about this in this recent webinar with our friends at Pendo.

Teams will now have the power to create tasks directly from their product ideas in GLIDR, bringing the Idea and feature spec to the card in Trello. You can also push any Idea in GLIDR to Trello multiple times, in case, for example, one GLIDR Idea represents an Epic and you want to push it to multiple Stories in Trello.

Avoiding Lost Context From Discovery to Delivery

Engineering and Development teams never like to have product specs “thrown over the wall” by product management teams. Effective cross-functional product teams ensure that the strategic context is always top of mind for anyone working on the project. Said another way, the Why, Who and the What aren’t lost while we focus on the When, and How.

The GLIDR/Trello integration keeps the Why top of mind during the handoff from product managers conducting discovery to developers conducting delivery. As Product teams push Ideas to Trello, it will link all the evidence and strategic context behind the feature being built.

Monitor the Status of the Build process in GLIDR

🤝 Push Ideas from GLIDR to Trello and get a clear build signal back

Keeping track of where features are in the development process is challenging for even closely aligned product teams, especially as every function is working in their own tools and apps. Jumping between tools just to check on progress takes time and breaks focus on the work you are doing.

Connecting your GLIDR and Trello instances lets you track every Idea’s journey from initial planning phases in GLIDR to eventual feature development in Trello. Monitor progress as Idea’s progress through different columns and steps in each Trello board’s workflow.

So, in summary, if you’re using Trello (or Jira for that matter) for project management and execution, particularly related to development, the new GLIDR <> Trello integration will help you:

  1. Connect product management and development workflows
  2. Avoid lost context from discovery to delivery
  3. Monitor the status of the build process in GLIDR

It’s definitely worth it to take a free trial of GLIDR. With these powerful integrations, GLIDR can help you better align all of your product stakeholders on product strategy, as well as improve collaboration and streamline workflows.



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