GLIDR Now Integrates with Zoom

Create GLIDR Evidence in a Zoom Meeting!

Great news for Zoom users aka everyone! We are so excited to share our newest native integration with you all. You can now create Evidence or edit an existing Evidence card during a Zoom meeting. Let’s go over how this is a game changer.

The collection of data through Customer Discovery is essential to understanding your target market, and building better products and services. However, a common complaint among those conducting customer discovery is that the data collection process can often be exhausting and unorganized. The time needed to conduct the interview, listen to the recording again in its entirety just to capture notes in a google document, and store it in a folder that becomes difficult to find as the interviews start piling up can become insurmountable in a fast, agile environment. So how can tension from this traditionally tedious multi-stepped process be eased? True to our belief in lean methodology, our GLIDR team has dedicated themselves to finding and improving solutions to relieve this pain point in the discovery process. We believe our new Zoom integration is a formative step in that direction.

During the height of the pandemic when it was impossible to “get out of the building” to meet with potential customers, Zoom served as a bridge to the distance gap and has continued to support startups and product teams in collecting evidence like never before. As we emerge from the pandemic, it is clear our society will continue to adopt virtual environments for the foreseeable future. So naturally, our product team recognized the power a GLIDR-Zoom integration could provide the discovery process through streamlining.

Take Notes Now, Save Time Later

The GLIDR-Zoom integration serves as an A-to-B streamline, reducing the time dedicated to adding and storing notes and the clutter that often leads to confusion among team members and missed key insights. Teams can simply open the GLIDR app in their Zoom meeting and enter data directly into an Evidence card from Zoom. Evidence notes and key insights are easily captured simultaneously. No hassle. No back and forth. Simple to install. Simple to use. Game changer.

GLIDR’s new integration works with the free version of Zoom, so any Zoom users can take advantage of it. Available to all GLIDR users. More details here.



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