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Gaining Perspective

GLIDR Year in Review — 2021

Take a look at how we’ve improved!

2021 was a year full of changes. We were constantly improving. Thanks to valuable customer feedback and a team full of caring creatives, we listened, learned, and leveled up. Here are a few releases we’re proud to report.

We sunset our former academic platform, LaunchPad Central, and debuted our new and improved LaunchPad on Glidr aka LPG! It was an all hands on deck effort, and we couldn’t be happier with the results.

LaunchPad on GLIDR aka LPG

Between Glidr and LPG, several of our top favorite feature releases include:

  • GLIDR Liftoff! — LPG students can now migrate their data to Glidr to continue their work.
  • Zapier Integration — Lets you connect Glidr with thousands of the most popular apps.
  • Figma Integration — Embed interactive prototypes and specs into your cards for internal viewing and add them to your Public Portal.
  • Email Integration to create evidence.
  • Overhaul of editing to allow for more collaboration.
  • Project Dashboard and Leaderboard improvements.
  • Upgraded Org Data Exports.
  • Updated Public Portal.
  • And so much more!

Thank you to everyone involved in making GLIDR a better tool. We couldn’t have done it without you.

Try GLIDR for free and start your year off right. Here’s looking at you, 2022!