GLIDR’s color-coded project updates right in your Slack channel.

GLIDR’s New Slack Integration

Here’s how the GLIDR/Slack integration works:

  • Say for example that your team is planning a new product launch. You’re running experiments to ensure that your minimum viable product (“MVP”) for launch is making the right compromises and that your product roadmap is prioritized intelligently.
  • Coordination and collaboration will make or break your launch so you’ve got a Slack channel going with various stakeholders.
  • If your teammate concludes an experiment and has some pertinent new information, she’ll update that experiment in GLIDR. That project notification will get auto-posted to Slack so that all stakeholders can easily follow along with the project’s progress.
  • GLIDR updates in Slack are color-coded for easy categorization.
  • This way, your team doesn’t skip a beat and your product launch is primed for success.
  • Our Slack integration is currently one-way: GLIDR updates and notifications can appear in Slack but you can’t make edits to GLIDR objects from Slack.

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