Introducing GLIDR Team 2.0!

Andrew Krimstock
Sep 8, 2019 · 4 min read

We just launched 🚀a suped-up new version of GLIDR Team, which is full of new (and recent) features to make your life easier! 🎉🎆🎉

The goal of these new features is to help product managers and teams bring their product knowledge into one place, share info, context, and status with others, and connect workflows from roadmap to implementation. Here are a few highlights 🔦of new features you will find in GLIDR Team:

Dev Tool Integrations

Jira integration allows you to seamlessly move product ideas from roadmap to delivery, and provide clear context on what to build to your engineering team. It also helps you monitor build👷‍♀️status without ever leaving GLIDR. Trello integration is also coming soon.

How do I set up my Jira integration?

Account Owners can set up Jira and other integrations by clicking the Project Settings icon next to the project name, and selecting Integrations.

Viewer Accounts

How do I add Viewers?

You can change any existing users to Viewers on the Team Management page, or select Viewer when inviting new users.

Idea, Evidence and Discovery Reports

Everyone has someone they have to report progress to, and we can’t always count on those people to use our tools to do so. To help with that challenge, you can now export and share a PDF report of any Idea💡, Evidence 🔎, or Discovery🔬 task, showing all its connections and related info.

How can I export ideas, evidence or discovery?

Simply click the Export icon in the upper right corner, and choose whether or not to include the connected info.

Multiple Projects

How do I find my projects?

Just open the navigation menu on the left side of the screen, and select Home.

Feature Prioritization Scores

While it is great to validate that users want a particular feature, that doesn’t necessarily mean it is an urgent one to build. To help you figure out what to build first, you can now choose from ICE ❄️, RICE 🍚, Impact Vs Effort, Pain Vs Frequency scales to score which product ideas to prioritize. You can learn more about the different prioritization mechanisms here.

How can I turn on Feature Priority Scores?

To set up your scoring options, navigate to Team Settings, then Product Ideas. At the bottom of the page, you’ll be able to choose which scoring options to turn on.

GLIDR Starter

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