13 Birthday Gift Ideas for Her Under $25

Forget her birthday this year?

Or maybe you didn’t, but you need a few ideas? Whether it’s for your friend, sister, niece or BFF, it isn’t too late to find the perfect gift without breaking the bank!

We don’t need to tell you that finding the right birthday present can be a lot of pressure. Especially if you’ve spent hours on securing the perfect gift, only to be met with a lukewarm reaction. If the birthday girl is nice, she’ll plaster a fake smile on her face and politely thank you because she was raised with manners. This is a rare breed, my friend. In all honesty, she is probably more like the rest of us. This means she’ll likely whisper a very disappointed sounding “oh” and while she may also plaster a smile on her face, her tight lipped grin will clearly imply “you really, really shouldn’t have.”

Don’t worry, though. We’ve come up with a few ideas that the birthday girl is sure to love and is sure to give you the reaction you’ve been waiting for.

Framed Book Cover Art, $8.00

Tea Room Nut Bowl, $14.00

Black and white cuff, $14.00

Insulated Tumbler, $18.00

Heart Jewelry Dish

Albeit Cheek Stick, $20.00

Blender & Bottle, $19.99

Flower Bath Bomb, $13.09

Glass Votive Candles, $14.00

Personalized Stopper, $22.00

Idiom Book Mark, $8.00

Textured Cosmetic Case, $24.99

Temecula Olive Oil. $18.95

The Fashionista

Kate Spade New York Gold Dot Insulated Tumbler

Is the birthday girl a Fashionista on the go? This insulated tumbler styled with signature, shimmery golden dots is so chic that even slurping will look cute.

Gold Rimmed Initial Trinket Dish for Jewelry

Perfect for the Fashionista in your life who needs a place to store her everyday baubles. This dish is a great addition to keep on her nightstand so that she will never misplace her favorite necklace, bracelet or earrings again.

Black and White Cuff

Looking for a statement piece to add to her repertoire? Each bracelet is carefully hand designed, and created, with a professional dye transfer process. It’s pretty enough to wear when its time to play dress up, and simple enough to wear with jeans and a favorite old t-shirt.

The Makeup Lover

Albeit Cheek Stick

The company who created this is devoted to everyday glamour and the belief that confidence is a woman’s greatest accessory. The line is inspired by the romance, elegance, functionality and modernity of the 20s and 30s.

The Fitness Junkie

Oster My Blend 250-Watt Blender with Travel Sport Bottle, Pink

Whether she’s headed to work, working out or just relaxing, this blender and sports bottle combination helps get her out of the door with blended drinks in hand. Ideal for protein shakes, smoothies or café frappes.

Flower Petal Bath Bomb

Just because she’s into staying fit, doesn’t mean she also can’t also appreciate a little R&R. This bath bomb is great for the active friend in your life who after a long workout wants nothing more than to soothe her muscles.

The Wine Enthusiast

Personalized Wine Bottle Stopper

You could just get her another bottle of wine, because let’s be serious, she would definitely love that. Or you could take it one step further with this monogrammed wine bottle stopper.

The Hostess

Tea Room Nut Bowl

The hostess in your life will love this stylish yet practical bowl. Serve nuts, snacks, dips or anything else to bring a sophisticated element to her future gatherings. Trust us, her friends will be asking her where she got it.

Sanded Mercury Glass Votive Candle Set

Prefer to give her something for her home instead? These beautiful votive candles come in a set of 3 and can be used in the living room, bedroom or even will add a touch of elegance to her bathroom.

The Reader

Idiom Book Mark

If she is into reading, she is likely into the english language in general. These Idiom Book Marks are a cute addition to the literary collection for the reader in your life.

Framed Book Cover Art

Does she have a favorite book or author? This is probably the most unique gift option for the book lover in your life. Frame a custom made image of her favorite read merged with a page directly from the book!

The Traveler

Textured Leather Cosmetic Case

If she is a lover of travel, why not give her something chic and practical? This is a great on the go case that keeps the frequent traveler organized yet stylish.

The Foodie/Chef

Olivum Reserve Late Harvest Olive Oil

This olive oil is something any foodie or chef would appreciate. Developed by one of the top olive oil producers in the country (Temecula Olive Oil Company) means you are giving the birthday girl something truly special.

Still not sure what to gift her? Let our experts at www.glifft.com help!

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Originally published at glifftblog.wordpress.com on February 19, 2016.