It’s National Margarita Day! Gift yourself by making one of these recipes.

Margarita Day is upon us…what does that mean? It means your Monday just got a little more exciting!

Since we have only our neighbors to the south to thank for such an amazing day, your best bet would be to head to your local taqueria, face plant yourself into a big bowl of chips and salsa and spoil yourself with a top shelf margarita. Just in case you can’t make it out or you don’t have a local taqueria (in which case we recommend you move, ASAP!) try one of the recipes below to be part of the celebration. I mean, you wouldn’t want to be the only person in the USA not celebrating National Margarita Day…WOULD YOU?!

The Classic Margarita

This classic margarita recipe from gimme some oven is everything you’ve come to expect from a good margarita. Unadulterated, crisp and fresh, this recipe is perfect for the margarita lover who doesn’t like to stray from tradition.

Strawberry Jalapeno Margarita

Forget the expected, same ‘ole strawberry margarita. for those of you who like to add a little spice to your life, The Chic Site has a strawberry jalapeno margarita that after one sip is sure to have you screaming, Ole!

Skinny Margarita

Still working on fighting those pesky holiday pounds to get beach ready for the summer? This 3-ingredient version from Happy Food, Health Life with half the calories means you can still celebrate and fit into your skinny jeans after!

Beer Margarita

Just because you’re a beer lover, doesn’t mean you too can’t be part of the action! This margarita recipe from made with…wait for it…beer is a great alternative.

So there you have it. Four easy ways to participate National Margarita Day. We’ll just leave you with two words while you go quench your thirst: You’re welcome.

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Originally published at on February 22, 2016.