Secure your spot at the table: Three must-have gift options for any dinner party.

It’s finally the weekend and you’re about to head out to Bob and Marie’s house for dinner. They’ve promised a night of fun, maybe a little debauchery, but definitely some time to forget about the hellish week you’ve had. Sounds like a great night. The problem? You’re about to show up empty-handed…again.

Now, you could be that girl or guy, but you’ll forever be wondering whether the stares you see from other guests and whispers you overhear at dinner are about your “lack of etiquette.” Or worse, that jerk Jennifer brought a gift so great that when she comes up to you later in the evening with an “Oh, you didn’t bring anything?” you’ll have to resist the urge to give her a good and honest round-house kick to the face.

The solution is of course to bring a gift and we have a few options that will always get you invited back.

Sweet Tooth, Smooth Palate

Stock up on your favorite bar of local dark chocolate and red wine (Pinot Noir is usually an easy crowd pleaser). The pairing spices up the usual solo bottle of wine gift.

Dandelion Chocolates 740 Valencia St (at 18th) San Francisco, CA 94110

Infused Oil & Vinegar

You can’t go wrong with an infused/top shelf olive oil & vinegar pairing. Hosts who like to cook/entertain will enjoy this gift and likely won’t splurge on it for themselves.

McEvoy Ranch 5935 Red Hill Road Petaluma, CA 94952

Spirited Provisions
Tired of taking another bottle of wine? A local whiskey or tequila is a nice change of pace.

St. George Spirits 2601 Monarch St Alameda, CA 94501

Stick with one of these three suggestions and next time, the only thing that will be empty walking into the party will be your stomach.

Need other gift suggestions? Visit the Gliffthomepage and see if we can help!

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Originally published at on July 8, 2015.

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