Top Easter gift ideas for the babies, kids, tweens and teens in your life

Spring is nearly here and you know what that means?? It means Easter is just around the corner! While we all all know it’s about so much more, in this post we’re going to focus on PRESENTS…because we’re slightly vain like that.

Now, we know we don’t need to tell you, but obviously the best and likely most appreciated gift at Easter is chocolate. Sometimes, however, you want to go a bit above and beyond the expected and that’s where we’re here to help. So whether you’re in search for a standalone Easter gift or an addition to a Easter basket you made for your baby, kids, tweens or teens, we’ve got something that would be perfect for you!

Baby Gift Ideas

Hand Crocheted Baby Duck Rattle , $12.26

A great idea for your baby’s first easter, this beautifully hand crocheted baby duck rattle will keep your baby occupied for hours.

Wooden Toy Teether , $16.00

This woodland bunny teether is a great keepsake for your baby’s first Easter. It’s a personal and practical keepsake first toy and will be loved for years to come.

Kids Gift Ideas

Handmade bunny crayons, $6.00

These 6 Easter Bunny crayons will create hours of coloring fun for the kid in your life and is a great alternative or addition to chocolate!

I lost my name storybook , $30.00

Written by four sleep deprived dads, this book is a creatively illustrated and wonderfully written personalized book that will create a very special Easter memory for your little one!

Tween Gift Ideas


Spring Gel Nail Polish Set, $29.00

What better way to say Happy Easter than with a set of five spring and summer-inspired, bright nail polishes?

Emoji Stamp Set, 17.00

Just in case your tween doesn’t have their own smartphone, they can still get in on the fun with this emoji stamp set!


Nerf Gun, $30.99

The trusted Nerf Gun is an unexpected gift idea, but always a winner. Don’t be surprised if it’s enjoyed by your entire family.

Teen Gift Ideas


Cell Phone Case, $29.99

This cell phone case is the fashion accessory the teen in your life has been looking for! This case will protect their phone from scuffs, marks and bumps.

Easter Quote Necklace, $17.50

This is a great necklace for the teen in your life that is both fashionable and a reminder of the reason for Easter.


Graphic Tee , $28.00

Trust us, it’s a guy thing.

Paracord Bracelet , $7.95

A popular item among teenage boys, the paracord bracelet is created from the same nylon cord that’s been used in parachutes since World War II and is an essential item for any adventurer or someone who desires to be.


Shure SRH145m+ Portable Headphones with Remote + Mic, $49.00

These headphones have a deep, rich bass response with full-range audio and portability, but also adds an inline remote and mic that work with Apple iOS devices. Your kids, boy or girl, will love this gift.

…and one extra for the mom in your life

Handmade Egg Candles , $9.00

Want to say thanks to your mom this Easter? These handmade eggs candles are available in three colors — white, mint and pastel pink. Half hand painted in gold, with special lacquer for candles, it’s a chic way to bring the Easter spirit to your mom.

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Originally published at on March 16, 2016.

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