What to gift Kylo Ren for his birthday…if he’s your boss.

 Emotionally unstable.
 Plagued by major anger management issues.
 Maybe overcompensating a little.

Sound familiar? Well, while working for someone like Kylo Ren can be challenging, there’s still something you can do to make him feel like the center of his galaxy on his special day and MAYBE get some brownie points in the process.

As one of the stormtroopers in SNL’s Undercover Boss Video accurately observed, it’s obvious that he has an outrageous ego and is probably gonna behave like a 16 year-old girl about his birthday. This means he’s going to want something big and over-the-top. We blame the parents (tsk tsk Leia and Han).

Now, you could do what’s expected. You know, a sweet 16 party, tiara, new car and a birthday card signed by everyone in the office with an obligatory cake, but come on, you’re better than that! You’ve been observing him, watching him, and paying attention to who he is to get him something thoughtful…something that might turn that frown upside down.

He’s obviously into Technology
 I mean, the guy built his own custom LIGHTSABER. How he manages to maneuver that thing without cutting off anything of value, we’ll never know. But this virtual keyboard would be perfect for those last minute mass emails to the First Order…and we’re plenty sure he’ll like the laser’s color :)

The Smartphone And Tablet Virtual Keyboard, $119.95

Anything that boosts his ego is a win-win
 Being Kylo Ren ain’t easy. It’s a lot of pressure to be evil all the time. Who wouldn’t need to have a drink every now and then to unwind. How about these monogrammed whisky glasses? We know he thinks highly of himself so why not give into that and get him something personalized.

Monogrammed Whiskey Glasses, $49.95

We all know he’s team #TheDarkSide, so why fight it?
 Sure, we get it, your Pop-Pop was some kind of badass in his time, but petting and worshipping his gross, burned up helmet is creepy. So how about this Darth Vader t-shirt to remind him of good ‘ole grandad instead? What’s even better is that this shirt makes a statement without breaking the bank. Because, let’s face it, if you’re working for Kylo you’re likely overworked and underpaid.

Darth Vader T-shirt, $14.68

So there you have it. A few great gift ideas if you work for Kylo Ren…may the force be with you — you know you’ll need it!

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Originally published at glifftblog.wordpress.com on January 29, 2016.