Glig Season 1 Finale (Part 2)

Mikey Hamm
Jul 3, 2017 · 5 min read

Chael took a lungful of the fresh prairie breeze blowing through the briar patch. “I really wish this thing still locked,” they said, admiring the heavy vault door.

“Breep,” agreed Glig.

Mahani shook her head. “The vault needs four undamaged godstones to be fully powered. Right now every bit of power is going towards keeping that planar barrier from collapsing completely. This thing won’t lock again until we have the last gem on that pedestal.”

Chael nodded, swinging their pack up onto their shoulder. “I’ll be quick, don’t worry.”

“Are you sure we shouldn’t go with you? I know you’re, you know, you, but I’m sure you could use help.”

Chael shrugged. “I work better alone.”

“The first time we met, you were in a cage, the second time you were being digested — “

“And,” continued Chael, ignoring Mahani’s endless babbling, “And with the vault door unpowered, you need to stay here. Believe me, I have the easy job.”

“Easy? You said that each of the three godstones on your list is held in a Fortress of Paradoxical Impossibility. Your words. Obviously.”

“And each fortress also houses the trials and miseries of one’s own final moments, yeah I know. It was a metaphor, okay? I think. I mean, I didn’t look into it too much during my research, because at the time I thought I’d only need to steal one godstone. So sure, there might actually be an Impossibilities Fortress. Hopefully not. But listen,” Chael pointed to the giant vault door, “This thing hasn’t been opened in a thousand years. We’re talking about a legendary dungeon, built by angels and demons, housing a priceless power gem, and a machine that can bring about the apocalypse on two worlds. Trust me, word has already spread. You will have thieves, fanatics, and worse coming at you in a matter of weeks, if not days. You need to be here.”

“Breep,” Glig nodded, determined.

“Good. Now remember what I told you about dungeon layout, I know it was a lot of information but — “

Chael stopped.

Mahani’s glove was lighting up. Glig was crouching low, reaching for a rock.

Chael whipped their head around to look. Standing at the entrance to the briar, was a pack of kobolds.

“Glig, get inside, we’ll stall them until — “

“Dreddet Bek Ledder.”

Chael looked back. It was the shaman speaking. The albino.

“Dreddet Bek Lesseddefet.” The albino bowed its head, and knelt to the ground.

One by one the other kobolds in the pack did the same.

“Dreddet Bek Dez,” said the shaman. Then, clearing its throat, it repeated itself in wavering, broken abyssal. “We few… serve… for the Glig.”

One kobold held out a sparkling amulet. Another held up a glimmering cloak. The shaman held out its hands too. In them, offered as a gift along with the other items, was a small tin fork.

“Wow,” said Mahani, eyes wide, a smile on her face.

“Breep,” said Glig, echoing the sentiment.

“Well, I’ll tell you what,” said Chael, out of the corner of their mouth, “Having a team of devoted demon-worshipping trapsmiths in there with you can’t hurt your chances.”

“Breep,” agreed Glig, stepping forward.

Chael and Mahani stood back, watching the tiny demonic all-lord walk slowly down the path to accept the gifts and greet his new followers.

“You know you saved my life right?” said Chael finally.


“The elk.”

“Oh. Yeah, don’t remind me,” she said, shaking her head in frustration.

“What,” laughed Chael, “You’ve decided my life maybe isn’t more valuable than an elk’s now?”

“Who can say,” sighed Mahani.

“You know,” said Chael, raising their eyebrows, “You were going to town pretty hard on that mutton earlier. Mutton is sheep right? So how many sheep worth of mutton have —”

“Okay, stop.” Mahani protested.

“And if the rate of exchange between sheep and elk is —”

“I get it. I get it,” she said, rolling her eyes.

“…And that means I must be worth at least a dozen elk to you—”

I get it, okay? Just, you know, shut up about it,” she said, trying to hide a smile.

Chael smiled, too. “Just don’t be so hard on yourself. You have a powerful ability. You’re not going to give it up just because you’re worried you’ll hurt someone you shouldn’t.”

Mahani looked them right in the eye. “Well. You did.”

“That’s different.” said Chael, looking down at their hand.

“Maybe,” shrugged Mahani.

“Yeah. Maybe,” agreed Chael.

The two of them went back to watching Glig. He was clutching the fork to his chest, and had instructed the kobolds to stand. They draped the cloak around his shoulders, and were trying to put the amulet around his neck now.

“Whoa. Is that an Amulet of Luck?”

Chael saw Mahani smirk to herself, “Don’t worry. I’m sure Glig would let you borrow it for awhile.”

Chael watched Glig with the kobolds. He was meeting each one, putting a hand on each shoulder. Speaking softly to them, asking questions. There was something about the way Glig interacted with those around him. Chael had seen it in the way Glig treated Mahani. Like a parent. Not an angelic parent, obviously, which was more of an idea than anything, a symbol that stood for duty and obligation and entitlement. No, Glig reminded Chael much more of the Materian parents they had watched over the last fifteen years here. Even with these kobolds. It was hard to imagine this was the same creature that held those pliers, the same type of creature that Chael had fought at Bronze Gate. But Chael knew it was. Maybe it wasn’t just angels who could change mantels.

Chael laughed, “A demon, a witch, and an angel of death.”

Fallen angel of death,” corrected Mahani.

“Right. Fallen angel of death,” said Chael, “We’re one anti-paladin away from being the villains.”

“How about a kobold cult-leader?” said Mahani, motioning to the albino having a heart-to-heart with Glig as they walked slowly up the path.

“That will do it,” said Chael, nodding. “Well. Let’s save the world I guess.”

Worlds,” corrected Mahani.

Chael smiled.

“Right. Worlds.”


Thanks for reading! I hope you’ve enjoyed Season 1 of Glig. I’ve had such a fun time writing it, and knowing others are enjoying these characters as much as I do, means everything to me. Glig will be back this fall in Season 2! Have a great summer, and if you know anyone who might like Glig, this is a great time to share it with them!


Glig was brought here by a Summoner, who died before sending him back. Now he has to get home.

Mikey Hamm

Written by

Psionic crocodiles, 80s-style horror, and teens with rayguns. Written and illustrated by me.



Glig was brought here by a Summoner, who died before sending him back. Now he has to get home.

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