Magic Items

Glig 1:2

Glig dug through the dead summoner’s things, looking for a way back home to his wife and children. A wand. A Portalling Lens. Something. Instead he found:

  • blood-spattered clothes
  • blood-spattered trail rations (5)
  • a blood-spattered coin pouch
  • blood-spattered coins (37)
  • an Amulet of Luck (possibly broken?)
  • a Potion of Healing (unused, obviously)
  • a pair of Summoner’s Gloves (with a pair of Summoner’s Hands still inside)
  • an Impervious Robe that, to its credit, had remained perfectly intact around the mangled body it was supposed to be protecting.
  • a book of angel names
  • a book of demon names
  • a pound of silver dust
  • chalk (2)
  • candles (7)
  • And a 6-inch-long cast iron key, wrapped carefully in a piece of pale cloth. The round end of the key (the bow) was shaped like a skull, with a single sapphire acting as its right, and only, eye.

He unfolded the piece of cloth. It was a map. On one half was a drawing of a one-eyed skull, like the one from the key. On the other half was a cluster of little squares that he guessed was a town. In between the skull and the town were some little bumps he guessed were hills or badlands, and a wavy line he guessed was a river. The river ran right through the town.

Glig looked around at the tall hoodoos and outcroppings surrounding him, packed up his new possessions, and walked, listening for the sound of rapids.

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