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On Being Pax Dickinson’s Former Co-Founder

I cofounded Glimpse Labs with Pax over shots of whiskey at SXSW. I’d been thinking about building the world’s most perfect app for sharing secrets, and Pax grokked the idea better than anyone. I deeply believe in Glimpse’s mission of building the world’s best app for sharing secrets. This has become all the more important in light of recent NSA allegations.

Pax is now not only the perfect poster boy for sharing ephemeral rather than persistent messages — but he is also one of the few people with the chutzpah to stand up to the NSA. So I’m glad to see him move from Business Insider to working on Glimpse full time.

But I will not be joining him.

Like Business Insider, I was surprised and not amused by the tweets that surfaced over the last few days. My Twitter conversations with Pax were often silly and sometimes rough around the edges but did not suggest serious issues. Search hashtag #SXSWfeld to see our Twitter conversations the night that we decided to build Glimpse.

I’ve been in startups nonstop for three years and I’m very happy to get off this crazy train for a while. Building software is still my favorite thing in the world, and I’d love to hear about interesting projects. I’m also looking forward to writing more — I was a journalist & lobbyist in DC before I was a startup CEO. I can be reached by press or for consulting inquiries at

Meanwhile, say what you want about Pax but he at least has a sense of humor about his own mistakes. Gotta love the tagline at the Glimpse pre-registration page “Because Sometimes You Wish You Hadn’t Said That Online.”

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