5 Questions Interviewers Wish You’d Ask


If you thought that the hiring manager is the only one who asks questions during interviews, think again. Interviews also give candidates opportunities to poke around the company and have a feel of the potential new job.

The job descriptions that you see on the newspapers and online portals won’t show you the full scope of the position. That said, it’d be a waste to not take full advantage of the interview. How else are you going to find out if this is the company you want to work at? And so, I listed 5 questions that you should ask:

1. Could You Tell Me More About The Working Environment?

Open-plan office or quiet space? Open communication or close communication? Fast-paced or slow-paced? By posing questions like this during the interview, it will give you a rough idea of the office culture and an indication if you have what it takes to be part of the team. Not to mention you’ll be facing your potential new co-workers on a daily basis so it wouldn’t hurt to know a little bit more about them.

2. What Are The Skills You’re Looking For In A New Hire?

Every boss wants an employee who will do whatever it takes to take their business to the next level. This question allows you to cover all the bases. Sell yourself and highlight your strengths. Don’t forget that first impression is important too!

If the hiring manager asks about work-related weaknesses, don’t avoid answering the question as it gives the impression that you’re hiding something. You can turn it around and talk about how you combat your shortcomings.

3. Do You Have Any Hesitation About My Qualifications?

This question means business. Chances are the hiring manager is going to do a double take when you drop this bombshell question. Go with your gut if you think (it will) this query will set you apart from the other candidates who are vying for the same position. Nobody likes beating around the bush. Asking the big gun for their opinion on your credentials is ballsy, confident and straight to the point.

4. Do You Offer Opportunities For Employees To Further Their Skills?

Every boss appreciates a lifelong learner. There must be a reason why we often hear the common phrase, “You are never too old to learn.” It’s highly likely that you’ll be asked to attend courses during your working life to enhance your competencies to better prepare yourself for the advanced economy. A question like this will show that you’re ambitious and striving to be better. Who doesn’t want to hire a game-changing employee?

5. What Aspects Of Your Job Have You Enjoyed The Most?

Myth: job interviews are serious. Truth: they’re not. With this point in mind, don’t bolt the interview — at least not until you’ve asked this question. This enquiry is light-hearted and gives you a refreshing take on what it’s like to work at the company. It breaks the ice and who knows, it might even change your perspective. Watch out if the hiring manager has trouble answering this question; it says a lot about the company — in a bad way.

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Author: Priscilla Tan
Editor: Bryan Lee