Computer Assisted Video Translation

Iain Collins
glitch digital
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1 min readApr 8, 2016

-- have released a prototype computer assisted video translation tool which can transcribe, translate and re-dub videos with new audio using synthesized voices.

Both the transcription and translation can be manually edited to correct errors or to improve the wording of the automated translation.

The goal of this prototype has been to show how translating videos can be easier, quicker and done more cost effectively with better tools.

This prototype extends the computer assisted translation tool released last month.

Translating a news clip from English to Spanish, French & Italian

Translating a news clip from Arabic to English

Note: The version shown in the videos is not quite as up to date as the version released on GitHub. Due to a bug that was not fixed until after initial release it’s slower that the version now available for download, but it’s functionally the same.

More information

For more details checkout the GitHub repository for this prototype:

If you’re a journalist or work in media and would be interested in having a free instance of this software set up for you or your organisation to try out, get in touch with