Add a Custom Domain to Your Glitch project

We’ve teamed up with so you can use a custom domain with your Glitch project. There’s just one catch…

One of our most requested features is the ability to use your own domains with Glitch, and now you can! We’ve teamed up with to enable custom domains on Glitch in just a couple of clicks.

You can connect any domain name you’ve already purchased elsewhere. From snazzy emoji domains like 🤳🏼.ws or ▶.fm to something a little more professional like or

It’s free to add a custom domain to your Glitch project, but there is one catch…

You Gotta Have Thanks 👏🏾👏🏿

On Glitch, you can thank someone for anything you like, such as providing a helping hand in response to a Glitch Help request, or for creating a cool app that you found useful. You need to have received at least two thanks on Glitch to be able to use custom domains.

We think giving thanks is an essential part of any friendly, helpful community. By enabling users to unlock new features through giving back to the community, we hope to encourage and incentivize the types of positive contributions that ensure Glitch continues to be the friendliest creative community in the world.

Random Names Live On

In case you didn’t already know, a random name is auto-generated for every project created on Glitch. So you get a URL instantly using that random name, which you can use to share your Glitch project with friends, or the world.

Witty-recess, agreeable-death, maddening-purpose, immense-money, rust-cemetery… are just some of the randomly generated names that folks love. In fact, our random names have proven so popular we open-sourced the library that creates them, and they’ve even sparked a new creative challenge.

But sometimes, you just want to put your own stamp on a project. You’ve always been able to edit that random URL and set it to whatever you want, but now with custom domains, you can make the complete URL anything you like!

Custom domains are available now under “Advanced Options” in the editor. For more information on adding a custom domain name, check out our help doc. And here are details about how to thank people as well.


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