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Glitch Opens Up: Welcome!

Glitch is now out of beta, and we want you to shape its future.

Glitch launched in beta a year ago. And this week, we recapped how Glitch has delivered an easier way for coders to create on the web right from the start, with things like real-time collaborative editing, instant deployment and automatic secure hosting.

Since then, Glitch has evolved based on community feedback—your feedback. We’ve added real-time help, a console, and the ability to thank creators as well as easily add licenses and a code of conduct.

But to get Glitch ready for the world to come in and build, there were still a few things that we wanted to add. So each day this week we’ve made a major announcement. Look at all this cool stuff!

  • We released the very first details about our upcoming Glitch for Teams offering, so developers, designers and anyone with an idea can create real, full-power production apps incredibly easily on Glitch. You can sign up to learn more, help shape its development and to be the first to hear about Glitch for Teams.
  • We unveiled Glitch Embeds, which allows you to embed Glitch apps anywhere on the web. And we shared how we’re working with Slack, Major League Hacking, freeCodeCamp and Mouse to make it even easier for coders to learn new skills.
  • We announced unprecedented new developer tools like full-stack view source, which lets you can see the complete code behind apps running live on the web — server-side as well as client-side, for the first time ever. You can even debug your apps right from in your browser! Plus, Glitch apps now have much more room, along with an improved developer experience that can even be faster and less frustrating than working on your own computer.
  • Then, just yesterday, we launched Glitch Rewind. This reinvents version control with a groundbreaking new user interface that gives you the easiest, most fun user interface for undoing changes and rolling your project back in time that any developer tool has ever had.

And with that, we’re happy to rip off the beta label. Glitch is now out of beta!

But we have one more announcement…

Today, we’re making a big leap forward: The community is now open-source.

You see, there’s a little app that runs, that helps you explore apps, discover new projects, and show off a profile for you or your team. You’ve always been able to view the source code of that app, as naturally, it runs on Glitch. But since the community is at the heart of Glitch, it only felt right that community members like you should be able to shape the development of itself.

So now you can remix the site to suggest ideas for the community, and make a home for yourself on Glitch. Learn more about how to contribute. Soon, we plan to open-source even more parts of Glitch, with your help.

Anil and Jenn hosted hosted a livestream discussing this exciting change. Catch the recording.

Thanks so much to everyone in the Glitch community for taking part in this week of announcements and here’s to building a better web, together. We have one final request: tell your friends. For all the work we’ve done in making Glitch a welcoming community, we’re still a tiny little team trying to support a huge community that’s going to change the web. We’re doing it entirely independently. So we’re going to need your help to get the word out about Glitch.

If Glitch seems like something special, something promising to you, tell the creative people in your life that they belong here in the community with us. We can’t wait to see what you create together!



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