Help Us Bring Back the Creative Web!

Show us how you got started building the web. Bring back your first web projects and share them with the world.

It’s easy to forget in this era of billion-dollar Internet startups, that many people got started on the web by learning to tweak HTML creating a GeoCities page, or fiddling with CSS to perfect their MySpace profile. Back then, people were almost as likely to make a web page as to read one — it was a rite of passage growing up.

Now though, things are a little different. Many modern websites all look the same, and people spend most of their time online using just three apps. So it seems more important than ever to remind ourselves that the web is still a thing we all make, not just something we consume.

We know the good, fun internet is still out there. Help us bring back the creative web and show everyone how you got started building the web. Bring back your first web projects and share them with the world, and help encourage a diverse community of creators to experiment with their broadest set of ideas.

Bring Your First Site Back To Life

To help you out, we’ve created the Wayback Importer. An easy way for you to grab your first website from and bring it back to life on Glitch.

It’s complete with an authentic early-web design of course — check out that cursor animation!

And we’re showcasing peoples’ first websites in a collection, alongside some classic layouts from sites like LiveJournal, Neopets, Movable Type and many other old-school ways of publishing a web page.

If you were on the Internet back then, or are just curious about web history, you should check it out, and remix some sites to make your own new classic.

If you do make a page, let us know by sharing it on social media. We can’t wait to see what you create❣️

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