Making Science Come Alive with MythBusters Jr. and Glitch

Adam Savage is back and on the case with his six new talented kid co-hosts. Together, they’ll test a number of myths and decide if they’re busted, plausible, or confirmed, and Glitch is along for the ride!

Maurice Cherry
Jan 2 · 2 min read
MythBusters Jr., Wednesdays at 9pm ET starting January 2nd on SCIENCE. Check your local listings.

Are you ready? Six of the nation’s most talented kids are teaming up with the famous Adam Savage to tackle a variety of myths on the all-new series MythBusters Jr., Wednesdays at 9pm ET starting January 2nd on SCIENCE.

Let’s take a sneak peek at what to expect this season.

On each episode, Adam and his co-hosts will perform a number of experiments to test the validity of a popular myth. For example, can you make a viable, life-saving parachute out of duct tape? Can a fire extinguisher propel you through zero gravity like a jetpack? Can chalk really keep a swarm of ants at bay? We’ll find out the answers to these mysteries and more on this season of MythBusters Jr.!

Glitch is teaming up with MythBusters Jr. to transform these scientific experiences into interactive apps. For each episode, we will create an app that corresponds to the myth in question, and viewers will have a chance to test the myths out for themselves. And because it’s Glitch, they’ll be able to take their experiments to the next level. Remix the MythBusters Jr. projects and learn how the code works, or even customize the projects to try out entirely new experiments.

And speaking of duct tape, let’s put that myth to the test with our egg drop app!

Check out our MythBusters Jr. page for the latest episodes and apps. We can’t wait to see what you create!

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